The Awami National Party draws its inspiration from the example and teachings of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, affectionately known to his people as Baacha Khan. He spent his entire life in the struggle for freedom and justice. He and his Khudai Khidmatgars offered great sacrifices in the fight against colonialism, imperialism and all other forms of oppression. In a broader sense, Baacha Khan saw politics as the highest form of public service and often described himself as only a social worker. His objective was to liberate the masses of South Asia and, particularly, his own people, the Pukhtuns, from the shackles of ignorance and poverty, so that they could rise to their full potential.


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Awami National Party has a historical and strong constitution for it’s workers and leadership

Policy Papers

Awami National Party’s Political Policy Papers can be found here 

Cabinets Database

This Database holds Awami National Party’s Cabinets Data


Here are ANP’s Elections Manifestos.

Press Releases Archives

ANP’s Daily Basis Press Press Releases Archives

Video & Photo Gallery

Video & Photo Gallery of Awami National Party

Latest Press Releases

پی ڈی ایم اس ملک میں حقیقی جمہوریت کی بحالی کیلئے نکلی ہے، موجودہ حکومت دھاندلی کی پیداوار ہے، میاں افتخارحسین

پشاور(پ ر) عوامی نیشنل پارٹی کے مرکزی سیکرٹری جنرل و ترجمان پاکستان ڈیموکریٹک موومنٹ (پی ڈی ایم) میاں افتخارحسین نے کہا ہے کہ پی ڈی ایم اس ملک میں حقیقی جمہوریت کی بحالی کیلئے نکلی ہے، موجودہ حکومت دھاندلی کی پیداوار ہے۔ دو سال بعد اپنی ناکامی کا اعتراف کرنیوالے کو...

اے این پی کے صوبائی صدر ایمل ولی خان کی ڈاکٹر سیدعالم محسود کی گرفتاری کی مذمت

پشاور(پ ر) اے این پی کے صوبائی صدر ایمل ولی خان نے ڈاکٹر سیدعالم محسود کی بھرپور مذمت کرتے ہوئے کہا ہے کہ ہر شہری کو اظہار رائے کا حق ملک کے آئین نے دیا ہے، ڈاکٹر سیدعالم محسود پختونوں کو درپیش مشکلات اور مسائل کی نشاندہی کرتے ہیں اور ایک موثر آوازہے۔ باچاخان مرکز...

Features & Articles

Let’s make Pakistan by Aimal Wali Khan

It has been 73 years since Pakistan came into being and look at our bad luck or maybe good luck that we are still offering to “Let’s make Pakistan’’. Not only that but we have been making this offer since the formation of Pakistan till today but still a specific lobby...

ANP: An appraisal under Aimal Wali Khan

By: Syed Akhtar Ali Shah Aimal Wali Khan, elected as provincial President of Awami National Party on April 10, 2019 for a tenure of four years, completes his one year. Annual appraisal of the party’s performance and plan for the future is a usual course. Awami...

Awami national party headquarter (Bacha khan markaz)

Awami National Party’s Headquarter is at Peshawar known as Bacha Khan Markaz. Here is also Head office of Bacha Khan Trust run by Awami National Party. Bacha Khan Trust consists of multiple departments such as Monthly Pakhtoon magazine, Daily Shahbaz newspaper, AMN TV (Web based television station), Ghag Radio, Bacha Khan Research Center & Bacha Khan Education Foundation (Schools System).


Awami national party’s ACHIEVEMENTS in last government

Awami National Party’s Achievements in last government in 2008 to 2013.

18th Constitutional Amendment

9 Universities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

75 Colleges made in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Many Schools made & refurnished in ANP Government

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