Or maybe, you now want to switch to some other new name. In that case, all you’ve to do is simply delete the “NamingTemplates” directory that you created earlier. Do this, and you’ll be back to the default folder naming convention. Finally, to set the name of the folder, click on this newly created file.

  • This will ensure you can isolate the issue you are trying to document, and also makes it easier to troubleshoot by the person or group who will receive your recorded steps.
  • After editing, you can click Copy button to save the image to clipboard, or click the Save button to save the image to the output directory you set just now.
  • This one is not exactly for taking regular screenshots.

If there is a problem with your system or file, you can use the backup to restore it. You will learn the difference of Windows 11 Backup and Restore and Windows 10 and how to use it to backup files as well as its best alternative way. Provide billable VM and SQL database backup service for unlimited devices. FREE Windows backup software to protect personal data.

Method 1

Many apps and games need administrator permission to work properly. To fully control your computer and make sure some apps run well, an administrator account is necessary. If you are running Windows 10, follow the methods in this post – How to Change Administrator on Windows 10? Now, click Manage Another Account and select the account from the list of user accounts you’ve added that you want to edit. Or maybe you need to limit access to a file for specific users.

Check the box next to Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. If you have a local account, it’s a simple change. Next download from here, click the Browse filesto pick an existing image you want to set as the profile image in Windows 11. Click on your profile in the upper-left corner of the window.

How To Take A Screenshot On Windows 10? 2022 Guide

After that, the screenshot will automatically be saved in tablet’s photos gallery as “Screenshots“. When you’ll press these shortcuts keys, the screen will get dim for a moment. To save a screenshot, select the “Save-As” option or save with the Save disk sign “Save-Snip” on the upside left corner. Then, for a full-screen snip, go to “New” option and select “Full-Screen Snip”. The Snipping Tool exists in Windows 10, but it’s not usually the screenshot tool you’ll want to use. But in Windows 11, the Snipping Tool got a major upgrade, and it’s now the best way to take custom screenshots.

How To Install Windows 10 In Parallels Desktop 11

In addition to the native options, there are various tools that offer an editing function and other features in addition to the photo option. With our guide, you can learn step by step how to take the perfect screenshot in Ubuntu. When saving an image using one of these options, beware that the operating system’s clipboard only ever has space for a single screenshot. So if you use the key a second time, the previous image will be automatically replaced. If you want to keep an image from the clipboard, you should copy it to a compatible application such as Paint or a paint alternative with + and save it in the desired format.