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London: A group photo of office bearers of ANP UK

With the confirmation of Mr. Jowhar Hameed Afridi, Organizer for European Union, Dr. Haider Ali Khan, party's Central Secretary Foreign Affairs approved the election of ANP UK chapter held in London last week.

President:              Mehfouz Jan
S. Vice                 Ashfaq Khan
V.P 1                   Alam Zeb Khalil
V.P 2                   Maqsoud Anwar
V.P 3                   Shahid Khan
V.P 4                   Fazal Malik
General Sec.         Jamshed Bangash
Deputy GS           Dr. Shaid
Joint Sec.             Wali Akbar Wazir
Sec. Culture         Sheher Yar Khan
Sec. Information:  Dr. Seraj Mohammad