Dear Friends and colleagues;
Awami National Party appreciates all your great efforts and achievements for the Greater National Cause.
It is just to clarify that ANP has always been very keen to organise its diaspora to play their instrumental role for securing our National interests abroad. To achieve this vital goal, Central President,Asfandyar Wali Khan has recently constituted a high level committee to look into the matter and suggest for constitutional amendments and reforms which could meet the legal and constitutional requirements of the different countries.
While still waiting for these important amendments to come, the demand for re-elections from certain quarters around the globe sounds not much abnormal. However, due to the complexity of the task assigned to the committee on one hand and also because of the rapidly changing situation in the country, it’s taking a bit longer.
Therefore it is reiterated that till further direction from the Party Leadership, the current overseas organisational structure will sustain and will function according to the prevailing constitutional limits. Party’s interests and discipline should be given prime importance and should never need to be compromised at any cost.
We all know that Pakhtuns are passing through the most difficult time of their history and the party is just coping with the
extraordinary situation. In these challenging circumstances, the Awami National Party is expecting moral and political support from all Pakhtuns in general and from the much aware Pakhtun Diaspora in particular.
With best regards,
Dr.Haider Ali Khan
Secretary Foreign Affairs ANP