Islamabad: Central President Senator Asfandyar Wali Khan’s  statement
about the short order of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in the NRO case.

Awami National Party has always stood for the independence of Judiciary and
supremacy of the Constitution. Whenever any dictatorship has ambushed the
Constitution and subjugated the judiciary, Awami National Party has been in the
fore front of the struggle against such action. As we all know, ANP not only
actually struggled in the movement for restoration of the Chief Justice of
Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and the honourable judges, but 24 of its
workers embraced martyrdom on 12th May 2007 in Karachi during the aforementioned
movement. We can proudly claim that ANP is the only in politically party that
has never been part of any military government. It is continuation of this
tradition that we whole heartedly welcome the judgment of the Supreme Court
regarding NRO. We hope that every one will show respect to the judgment of the
apex court and would present themselves to legal accountability as it is one of
the core values of democratic system. We hope that the process of accountability
will not be confined to a certain period or to a certain group of people but it
will be across the board accountability as this is the only way to make this
process credible and acceptable.

On this occasion we want to express the expectation that all persons
occupying high state position and all the state institution will perform their
role in the perimeters determined by the Constitution. It is pretty clear that
violation of Constitutional perimeters by any player can undermine the very
Constitutional system. It is our considered opinion that the country can’t
afford political polarization in view of the serous internal and external
challenges faced by it, so those who are consciously or unconsciously promoting
political polarization are not doing any service to the country.

On this occasion we call upon all the democratic political forces to unite
over and above partisan politics to steer the country out of troubled waters.


Senator Zahid Khan
Central Information Secretary