Mushtaq Durrani

Mushtaq Durrani

Media Coordinator

Mr. Mushtaq Durrani has been working with the Awami National Party for the past many years. He has previously worked as Coordinator Operations for Awami National Party.

Currently, he is serving as the Media Coordinator of Awami National Party.

He has vast experience in the Media industry and worked on key positions with different media organizations and firms. He is also a member of the board of directors of Khudai Khidmatgar Organization.

He also writes for different online platforms and print media on different political and social issues.


He can be reached on Social media through:

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ہم سے آیا نہ گیا تم سے بلایا نہ گیا
فاصلہ پیار میں دونوں سے مٹایا نہ گیا
کلام: راجندر کرشن
آواز: سنیتی مشرا