Dr. Nauman Ul Haq

Dr. Nauman Ul Haq

Provincial Coordinator Social Media

Dr. Nauman Ul Haq has been working with the Awami National Party for the last 10 years. He has previously worked as Director Media Cell for the party. He was the founding Secretary General & Vice President of the National Youth Organisation (Youth Wing of the Awami National Party). He has also remained a member of the City District Council, Peshawar from 2015-2019, where he served as the Chairperson for the council’s standing committee for Sports and Youth Affairs. He is currently heading the Social Media department of the party.

He can be reached on Social media through his Twitter account @naumanuhk (link).

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A doctor in uniform is not a bit superior to a doctor in civies. Choice of words matter and matter a lot https://t.co/BKrCidnbwp naumanuhk photo
د پاکستان او افغانستان تر منځه مسلسل تجارت لکه څنګه چه د پاکستان او هندوستان تر منځه روان دے ،روان اوساتې مسافر پښتانه به واپس په خپله خاوره د رزق ګټلو جوګه شې ـ
Chaman The long closure of the Afghan border has left 50,000 Chaman traders involved in Pak-Afghan trade unemployed.
#RestorePakAfghanTrade https://t.co/tFDoG3n3tj
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