Asfandyar Wali Khan

Central President

Asfandyar Wali Khan born 19th February 1949 at Charsadda Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. He is currently serving as Central President of the Awami National Party (ANP) Pakistan. He was elected as Central President of ANP in 1999 for the first time.
His father, Khan Abdul Wali Khan, was the party’s first President. He is the grandson of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, better known as Bacha Khan; Abdul Ghaffar was the founder of the non-violent Pashtun political movement, Khudai Khidmatgar (“Servants of the God”) during British rule in South Asia and remained a closed companion of Mahathma Gandhi ji. Asfandyar’s uncle Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan was the Indian National Congress’s Chief Minister of the North West Frontier Province, during the waning days of the British Raj, and also the Chief Minister of the province during the early days of independent Pakistan. Asfandyar Wali Khan is the present President of the Awami National Party and has served as Member of Provincial Assembly, Member of National Assembly and a Member of Senate of Pakistan. Asfandyar Wali Khan
Asfandyar Wali Khan completed his early education from Aitchison College, Lahore, High School from Islamia Collegiate School and his Masters from University of Peshawar, where he remained associated with Pakhtoon Students Federation.
Asfandyar Wali Khan joined the opposition to Ayub Khan as a student activist. In 1975, he was imprisoned and tortured by the government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and convicted as part of the Hyderabad tribunal for 15 years. Released in 1978, he stayed away from electoral politics till 1990.
Asfandyar Wali Khan served as leader of the Pakhtun Student Federation prior to being elected to the provincial Assembly in the 1990 election, while in the 1993 election he was elected to Pakistan’s National Assembly. A seat to which he was re-elected to the National Assembly in the 1997 election and served as Parliamentary leader of the ANP and Chairman of the standing committee on inter-provincial co-ordination.
In 1999, he was elected party president for the first time. He was defeated in the 2002 election, in what was a repeat of his father’s defeat in 1990, when a tactical alliance was formed by all the anti-ANP groups against him. After his defeat he resigned as President of his party, only to be re-elected unopposed in the subsequent party election. In 2003 he was elected to the Senate for a 6-year term. He was re-elected to the National Assembly in the parliamentary elections that was held on February 2008, leading his party to power both provincially and nationally, the former for the first time since 1947 and the latter since 1997. In September 2008, he was elected as Chairman of the standing committee on foreign Affairs.
On 3rd October 2008, he was targeted by a suicide bomber who attempted to kill him while he was greeting guests during Eid ul-Fitr. Shortly after the attack, Asfandyar Wali Khan left Charsadda in a helicopter sent by the Prime Minister as he was told that his life was in danger. He remained active in Pakistani Politics and played a vital role for the Provincial Autonomy, 18th amendment and NFC award.
The historical 18th amendment passed on April 08th 2010 removing the power of the President of Pakistan to dissolve the Parliament unilaterally, turning Pakistan from a semi-presidential to a parliamentary republic, and renaming North-West Frontier Province to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The package was intended to counter the sweeping powers amassed by the presidency under former presidents General Pervez Musharraf and General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq and to ease political instability in Pakistan. The bill reversed many infringements on the Constitution of Pakistan over several decades by its military rulers. The amendment bill was passed by the Senate of Pakistan on April 15, 2010 and it became an act of parliament when President Asif Ali Zardari put his signature on the bill on April 19, 2010. It was the first time in Pakistan’s history that a president relinquished a significant part of his powers willingly and transferred them to parliament and the office of the prime minister. Under his great leadership, ANP worked hard in the Provincial Govt (2008-13) and serve the nation well in every field. ANP Govt established almost 10 Universities, more than 70 Degree Colleges, 100s of Schools, Sports Complexes, flyovers and many more projects in these five years. It was his leadership that the dreams of Bacha Khan, Wali Khan and other Khudai Khidmatgaars came true that the provinces must be autonomous.

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پی ایم ڈی اے کے ذریعے حکومت میڈیا کو زنجیروں سے باندھنا چاہتی ہے،پاکستان میں میڈیا پر جتنا دباؤ ہے،آمرانہ دور میں بھی نہیں دیکھا گیا۔پاکستان میں میڈیا کنٹرول کرنا جمہوریت کو کمزور کرنے کے مترادف ہے۔میڈیا کا ہر ورکر آج چیخ چیخ کر کہہ رہا ہے کہ وہ آزادی سے سانس بھی نہیں لے سکتے
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سابق صوبائی سینئر وزیر و پی پی رہنما رحیم داد خان کی وفات کا سن کر انتہائی افسوس ہوا۔ مرحوم جمہوری روایات کے پاسدار اور اپنے نظریے کے سچے سپاہی تھے، اے این پی پیپلزپارٹی حکومت میں حکومتی ٹیم کا حصہ ہوتے ہوئے انہوں نے ہمیشہ جمہوریت کی بات کی۔
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نامور صحافی رحیم اللہ یوسفزئی کی وفات کا سن کر انتہائی افسوس ہوا۔ مرحوم صحافتی میدان کے بڑے نام کے ساتھ ساتھ ایک مشفق انسان بھی تھے، وہ پاک افغان امور کے حوالے سے ایک الگ مقام کے مالک تھے۔اللہ تعالیٰ مرحوم کو جنت الفردوس میں اعلیٰ مقام اور لواحقین کو صبرجمیل عطا فرمائے۔
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عطاء اللہ مینگل کی وفات ملکی سیاست بالخصوص بلوچستان کے عوام کیلئے ایک بڑا سانحہ اور صدمہ ہے، وہ ایک وضع دار، جمہوریت پسند اور عوام دوست سیاسی رہنما تھے- جمہوریت کی بحالی ،آئین کی حکمرانی اور پارلیمنٹ کی بالادستی کے لئے انکی جدوجہد کو ہمیشہ یاد رکھا جائے گا۔
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تحریک کے مضبوط ساتھی ملک محمد یونس علیزئ (صوفی کاکا) کی رحلت کی خبر انتہائی دردناک ہے۔ مرحوم خدائی خدمتگار تحریک اور باچاخان سے لے کر آج تک ہر موقع پر تحریک ساتھ کھڑے رہے۔ انکی رحلت بلاشبہ ایک بڑا سانحہ ہے۔ دکھ کی اس گھڑی میں ہم انکے خاندان کے ساتھ شریک ہیں۔
اسفندیار ولی خان
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تحریک کے مضبوط ساتھی ملک محمد یونس علیزئ (صوفی کاکا) کی رحلت کی خبر انتہائی دردناک ہے۔ مرحوم خدائی خدمتگار تحریک اور باچاخان سے لے کر آج تک ہر موقع پر تحریک ساتھ کھڑے رہے۔ انکی رحلت بلاشبہ ایک بڑا سانحہ ہے۔ دکھ کی اس گھڑی میں ہم انکے خاندان کے ساتھ شریک ہیں۔ AsfandyarKWali photo