Born in 1958, Wajid Ali Khan belongs to an influential and political family of Swat valley. His elders remained stanch supporters of Khudai Khidmatgar movement of Baacha Khan.

Graduated from historic Jehanzeb College, Mr. Khan’s quest for higher education landed him in Karachi. He did his LLB from Sind Muslim Law College Karachi in 1983-84.

Mr. Wajid Ali Khan was among the main leaders of Pakhtun Students Federation during his college life and remained provincial chief organizer of PkSF Sindh. He also served as district general secretary of the Awami National Party. Currently he is central secretary foreign affairs of the party.

In 1990, he became member of the provincial assembly from his native Swat district since then he has been contesting election on ANP ticket.

In recent general elections, he won the provincial assembly seat from PF-80 Swat-1 and party nominated him as Minster for Forest, Environment, Wildlife, Fisheries and Transport.

He says that he would work for a forestation and overall improvement of the ecology of the province.

“Pakhtunkhwa was blessed with immense natural resources including forest, but this potential area of the province was at verge of destruction because of illegal deforestation by timer mafia”.

He says that forest was the main ingredient for environment and wildlife, however, the destruction caused to it had badly affected the eco-system of the province.

“Being a resident of hilly area, I believe that protection of forest and environment should be my top priority areas”.