Awami National Party.Central Executive Committee’s Meeting

The ANP Central Executive Committee that met in Peshawar on July 9 2009
expressed satisfaction in the Provincial Governments handling of the huge
internal displacements from Malakand Division following the Collapse of peace
negotiations and start of the decisive round of military operations. The meeting
paid rich tributes to all those who sacrificed their lives and livelihoods to
end the scourge of extremism and terrorism.

The CEC recognized that the ANP Government is faced with myriad
of challenges in its fight for peace and survival of the country. It is in the
frontline of the war against terrorism and extremism and the country and
international community must extend its support both technical and financial to
the provincial government to ensure effectiveness of its efforts.

The CEC unanimously resolved that the government must expedite efforts to
restore peace and basic social services in areas cleared of militants so that
the smooth return of the internally displaced families made possible at the
earliest. The meeting resolved that special development package be announced for
areas survival affected by conflict including for districts that hosted the
compensation for loss of lives and livelihoods, writing off of loans of small
business and farmers, provision of special tax breaks for a limited period, and
loans and technical support for starting their businesses etc.

The CEC called on the Federal and Provincial Government for recruit and train
local civilian security force to avoid leaving a vacuum after the military
forces withdrawal from the area.

The CEC also directed the government to prepare and implement a comprehensive
repatriation, reconstruction and rehabilitation plan in consultation with the
elected representatives of the area and other key stakeholders. The CEC directed
that all education and health services be to ensure transparency and
accountability at every step.

Awami National Party.Central Executive Committee’s Meeting Resolution.

The ANP Central Executive Committee unanimously resolved that federal government
must establish its with in the federally administered tribal areas and initiate
social political and administrative reforms on emergency footing to bring the
people at par with the rest of the country and ensure lasting peace. The meeting
called on the federal Government to review its destructive policies for
Afghanistan and make every effort to close terrorists training camps and
sanctuaries operating in FATA.

The meeting resolved that FATA should be merged in Pakhtunkhwa and the people
given due representation in the Provincial Assembly. As immediate steps, the
political parties order 2002 should be extended to FATA. A system of local
Government extended to FATA as on alternative to the present system to provide
the people due political representation and say in their own development.

The Frontier Crimes Regulation should be comprehensively amended by taking out
all provision contradictory to the constitution and International covenants on
Human rights. The executive and judiciary should be separated and the writ of
the higher judiciary be extended to the areas so that a prolonged discrimination
against the people may come to on end.

The CEC called on the Government to announce a comprehensive package for
socio-economic development and ensure transparency and accountability in its
implementation. The meeting also asked the government to invest in recruitment
and training of local civilian security force that is well equipped in ensuring
security of lives and livelihoods of the people.