Islamabad: ANPs Central President Asfandyar Wali Khan has said that renaming
of the province was a historic event in the democratic history of the country
and no linguistic and ethnic victimisation would be allowed in Pakhtunkhwa..

Talking to media men outside the Parliament House on Thursday, Asfandyar said
that people have reservations that Pakhtoonkhwa applies to those who speak
Pashto and I would ask whether only people who speak Punjabi live in Punjab?

The ANP chief said that a promise has been fulfilled for the restoration of
Constitution of 1973 in its original form. He said that 18th amendment bill
would be presented in the Parliament soon, adding that, “if you study the bill,
authority has been transferred to the Parliament and not to the Prime Minister

He said that he is thankful to PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif who took the decision in
great national interest. The ANP chief said that he knows that there was
opposition within the PML-N over renaming the NWFP.

Reconciliation is the name of give and take, he added. He said that name of Raza
Rabbani goes in the history of the country. He has done a great job. Asfandyar
said that after 63 years Pakhtuns got their identity and proved over the world
that they are the part of the country. He said that resolution regarding the
name has been passed. On this occasion, he also thanked the media, saying that
media forced politician to sit together to solve different issues.