ANP provincial president Afrasiab Khattak is addressing a luncheon arranged by ANP in honur of newly elected office bearers of Khyber Union of Journalists in Peshawar

Provincial President of the Awami National Party Afrasiab Khattak has said that the government has planned a high profile murder and communal riots ahead of February and from a so-called unelected interim set up for one year.

“The Musharraf-led government was expecting landslide victory of the King parties at the time of announcing elections schedule but when the polling came closer and defeat of the former ruling alliance was imminent then PPP chairperson Benazir Bhutto was murdered before the scheduled January 8 elections,“the ANP leader said and added that once again the government planned to postpone the polling for long period by targeting a top politicians of the country. Afrasiab was addressing at luncheon arranged by the ANP in honour of newly elected office-bearers of Khyber Union of Journalists here on Wednesday.

Central senior vice president of the party Haji Ghulam Ahmad Bilor, additional general secretary Haji Mohammad Adeel, Bashir Bilor, Syed Aqil Shah and other ANP leaders were also present on the occasion.

Afrasiab Khattak said that the rulers did not want free, fair and peaceful elections as they have now realized that the main-steam political parties would outclass their loyalists in the elections. The genuine political forces and independent parliament would question General Musharraf’s legitimacy as president of the country and all the unconstitutional steps he had taken for his personal interests. The polling process is being sabotaged through bomb blasts in political party meetings and rallies so that the general masses get frightened and refrain from attending political activities or casting their votes on the polling day, said Afrasiab, who narrowly escaped in explosion at ANP corner meeting in Shabqadar on February 9. He said that through a well-calculated conspiracy ethnic clashes were waved by targeting an ANP leader in Karachi where the most closed ally of General Musharraf was I power and gave free hand to their armed gangsters.

The ANP leader said that the country was passing through a critical phase while democracy and holding of fair elections would pull out the country of existing crises, adding that the government and establishment were behind the violence and bloodshed in Waziristan, Swat, Dara Adamkhile and other parts of the province. On one hand the government signs agreements with militants while on the other hand they violate their own agreements in tribal areas.

He warned that if the government tried to change, steal, rig or deny the public mandate given to the main-steam political parties in the elections then the crises would be worsen. The ANP would sweep election and would form government in the Pakhtunkhwa province. He said that the way of violence was being adopted on the Pakhtun soil while the elections rallies of PML-Q in Punjab and MQM in Karachi were facing no threats. The Pakhtuns are being used as a tool in the new great game played in the region, he said and added the ANP was contesting elections with main agenda to restore peace and normalcy in the region.
The function was also addressed by president Khyber Union of Journalists Suhail Qalandar and President Peshawar Press Club M. Riaz also spoke on the occasion and highlighted the role of media and working journalists for a civilized and demoncratic society.