The Awami National Party  expresses serious concern over the recent
statements issued by the United States senior security officials in a bid to
build pressure on Pakistan. Such statements will only add fuel to the already
volatile situation and create grounds for further destabilization of the region.
ANP believes that in the best interest of the region and the country, it is important that
all issues pertaining to mutual commitments for restoration of peace are
resolved through a meaningful dialogue and serious efforts be made by both the allies towards
building confidence and mutual trust in dealing with the scourge of militancy
and extremism that threatens world peace. The ongoing war has destroyed the lives and
livelihoods and increased vulnerabilities of the people of Pakistan especially
the Pakhtuns. Despite giving huge sacrifices in the process, they maintain a strong resolve to
continue the struggle for peace in the country and the region.

However, the People will thwart any attempts that will undermine Pakistan’s
sovereignty and independence. We will not tolerate any unilateral military
action by the US or allied forces on its soil. The ANP believes that such a move will not
only irreparably damage relationships between the two countries but will have
serious and lasting repercussions for peace in the region.

The party upholds the Parliament’s unanimous declaration that Pakistan’s soil
shall not be used by terrorists for training and attacks within and outside the
country. The
ANP considers terrorism as an even larger threat to Pakistan’s Sovereignty as an
Independent state. The ANP calls for an all out effort by the Government to root
out such groups, their supply lines and infrastructure. There is an inescapable
and urgent need of evolving a clear strategy for dealing with such terror
outfits by the Government in line with the Parliament’s resolution.

Considering the dire social, political and economic implications of any
escalation of tensions, the ANP wants the Government to take all political
parties’ leadership into confidence to evolve a consensus on how to address the
emerging security challenges.