PESHAWAR: The Pakhtun Students Federation (PkSF) has condemned the killing of
its senior leader Sohail Khattak in Karachi and held Mutahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM)
responsible for his and other Pakhtun students’ killing in Karachi, pledging to
play role in restoration of peace being followers of peace philosophy of Baacha

Sohail Khattak, the member of the central executive committee of the PkSF, was
shot dead by unidentified persons few days back in Karachi University.

Addressing a news conference, Bashir Sherpao central president of PkSF, said the
federation had a strong base in Karachi, but some infamous elements were
targeting the innocent Pakhtun students to weaken the federation.

Flanked by other students and activities, he said the killing of innocent
Pakhtun students was a matter of grave concern. “We condemn this gory act as
Sohail Khattak was an asset to the federation, who rendered great services for
the welfare of the students,” he said.

Bashir Sherpao said the federation believed in non-violence ideology of the
Baacha Khan, saying they would continue to play their due role in the
restoration of peace and normalcy to the region. He called upon the government
of Sindh to arrest the killers of Sohail Khattak forthwith otherwise they would
have no other option but to launch a protest drive across the country.