KARACHI: Reacting to the statement by the MQM Rabita Committee, a spokesman
for the Awami National Party (ANP), in a press release issued from the Bacha
Khan Centre Karachi, has said that the demand to declare the MQM a terrorist
organisation was not only the demand of the ANP but it was the demand of all
those who live in this country.

It is  said that even the Canadian government has declared the MQM a
terrorist organisation and clamped a ban on their political activities, and
added that even reports by sensitive organisations had incontrovertibly proved
the terrorist orientation of the MQM.

“The press conference of the ANP president Shahi Syed had laid bare the blatant
lies dished out by the Muttahida.” The MQM, the spokesman goes on to say,
instead of repenting over telling lies, was indulging in various stunts.

Spokesman said that the ANP had always rebutted the accusations levelled against
it but the MQM, just to be part of the government, was just beating around the
bush and was indulging in the politics of murder. The masses, he said, were
fully aware of these tactics of the MQM. He said that if the party was genuine
in its pronouncements about its patriotism, then instead of beating around the
bush, it should counter the allegations levelled against it by Dr Zulfiqar Mirza.

“While the MQM purports to be fully sympathetic to the Urdu-speaking population,
the Urdu-speaking people haven’t forgotten March 12, 2008, when the MQM
terrorists fired at women, children and the elderly outside the Karachi Press
Club, killing many of them,”, adding: “Later, a resolution condemning the action
of the MQM terrorists was passed at the Karachi Press Club. The only fault of
these poor people was that they did not endorse the fascist politics of Altaf

The spokesman further said that hundreds of thousands of Urdu-speaking people
had quit the MQM because they thought that it was a terrorist organisation. He
referred to the killing of 120 Pakhtuns who were dragged from buses in Orangi,
Korangi, Gulshan-e-Iqbal and other localities, and said these cruel incidents
would be an indelible, incontrovertible part of history.