Peshawar: Chief Minister Pakhtunkhwa Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti has termed the success of
ANP candidate Rahmat Ali Khan in by election on PF-83 Swat-4 as a historical
decision on behalf of the people of Swat against terrorism which is their
unshakeable attachment with ongoing movement against terrorism.

The Chief Minister in one of his statement, congratulated Rahmat Ali Khan and
people of PF-83 and said that this success is due to the sacrifices of ANP
office bearers and workers including Shaheed-e-Aman Dr. Shamsher Ali Khan. He
thanked coalition partner PPPP, People Party Sherpao, Swat local peace Jirga and
like minded parties for supporting ANP candidate in the by-election.

The Chief Minister said the selection of Rahmat Ali Khan has proved that
people of Malakand Division particularly Swat are fully aware of the evil
designs of the miscreants and they firmly believe that supporting ANP can only
ensure the development and prosperity of people of Malakand Division and
establishment of long lasting peace. He reaffirmed that the implementation of
Nizam-e-Adl Regulation in latter and spirit would be ensured.

Meanwhile ANP provincial president Afrasiab Khatak, secretary information Arbab Mohammad Tahir Khan
Khalil and MPA Shagufta Malik also congratulated the winning candidate of ANP
Rahmat Ali Khan and said that this was evident that people are supporting the
policies of the Awami National Party.

Senator Afrasiyab Khattak said the victory of the party in Thursday’s
by-election was the success of forces that are against extremism and terrorism.
He said that despite vicious propaganda, people rejected those forces who
justify the activities of militants.

He said two forces were competing in the election; one supporting the extremist
forces and the other opposing violent extremism. He said the ANP was fully
committed to the cause of common people and would not be deterred by the
cowardly acts of extremists.

“The election has proved people believe in the forces of peace and democracy,
and reject the agents of fundamentalism and extremism,” Afrasiyab said. He
thanked the people of PF-83 constituency for reposing confidence in the ANP,
saying the result showed people agreed with the party stance with regard to
militancy. “The party has rendered numerous sacrifices in its war against
extremism and terrorism, but it did not budge from its principled stance on the
issue,” Afrasiyab said.