PESHAWAR: Provincial president Awami National Party, Afrasiyab Khan
Khattak welcomes the plan to set up industrial zone in FATA and Balochistan.

Talking to a foreign radio, he said the plan was discussed in a recent meeting
held between Richard Boucher and Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti in which
Richard Boucher told the Chief Minister that the industrial zone in FATA and
Balochistan would be established under the ROZ programme.

The legislation regarding industrial zone has been finalised in the meeting
which is expectedly be approved at the end of this year by the US Congress.

US has also shown interest in development work in the tribal areas, he said.

He said the two leaders have also discussed law and order situation in the
province and reaffirmed their resolve to further strengthen democracy and
restore peace in the region.

The government is making efforts to control the existing situation, the efforts
on military level would not yield results unless political and economic measures
are taken besides it, he said.

He said there are certain hurdles on economic front due to financial
constraints. Our government wants that the US should focus on giving economic
assistance to our province instead of military aid to control current situation,
he added.