Provincial president of the Awami National Party Afrasiab Khattak has said
that some elements were active to fulfill the designs of imperialistic forces to
push the democratically elected government towards instability paving way for

“Apparently they are against the imperialistic forces, but in fact they are
puppet in their hands, who want the nation to be shackled in slavery and under
the rule of dictators,” Afrasiab said while addressing an impressive ceremony
being arranged by Peace Foundation in connection with financial assistance to
those suffered during the terrorist activities, at the Frontier House in
Peshawar on Tuesday.. Peace awards were also distributed on the occasion.

“No human will prefer to war against peace. As in peace, the sons carry out
the funeral of their parents, but in war the parents have to carry the coffins
of their beloved sons,” provincial peace envoy said..

He said this region, 2500 years ago was center of Gandahara civilization, who
gave the world, the message of peace. Education from the seminaries in Samarkand
and Bukhara entered this way to the South Asia.

He said the land of the preachers of humanity, Rehman Baba, Khushal Khan Khattak,
and the homeland of the great freedom fighter and believer of non-violence Abdul
Ghafar Khan Baba can never resort or support the terrorism.

“Islam stands for peace, and there is no room for terrorism in it,” he added.

The ANP leader said that due to wrong polices of the dictators in 1980s, the
peace loving Pakhtun nation was engaged in the war of supper powers.

“But, unfortunately, our rulers did not foresee the results of the war and with
intervention of several countries, the tribal belt was turned into a hot bed of
warriors,” he added.

“The war is still continuing, and the Pakhtun nation on both sides of the Durand
Line is used as fuel and a conspiracy of genocide killings of the nation,” he

He said on the behest of western powers, the jihad was privatized as a result
the region was turned into the most dangerous part of the world

Afrasiab said that on other side of the border, tens of thousands of children
were unable to go to schools from last many years as their education institutes
had been destroyed.

“The trend is now started on this side of the border where hundreds of schools
were either burnt or destroyed,” Khattak said and added the elements should tell
them that whether there were American children studying in these schools which
they destroyed with own hands.

He further said in the past realties were being hidden while for the first time
the elected democratic government declared the situation a rebel extremism.

He said the tribal areas were the victims of terrorism after the war of others
was launched there, adding thousands of tribal elders, who were champions of
negotiations and jirgas were victimized for not supporting the terrorist

However, the incumbent government, which came to rule with heavy mandate despite
internal and external pressure, launched its efforts to resolve the issue
through talks and agreements. “But our sincere efforts were sabotaged through
conspiracies,” he added.

Afrasiab Khattak expressed the hope that they will defeat the sabotaging
elements with unflinching support of the masses, who voted the rulers for peace.

“The situation will not remain the same for a long time and it would be under
control soon,” he added.

Khattak appreciated the efforts of the Peace Foundation for giving assistance to
the victims of violence and said it was the first occasion that a revolutionary
step was being taken from the civil society.

He voiced full support to the foundation on the behalf of chief minister Ameer
Haider Khan Hoti.

He said the government was committed to give the children pens in their hands
instead of weapons.

In his speech, the MPA and political coordinator of the Peace Foundation Alam
Zeb Khan said that the military rulers had imposed the war of the US and Russia
on the Pakhtun soil and the war was meant for destruction of the Pakhtun nation.

He said the elements in the name of Shariah were shedding the blood of innocent
Muslims and trying to send back the nation to the Stone Age.

He appealed to the nation to strike unity among their ranks against the common
enemy, which he termed the solo solution to avoid being killed by the

Alam Zeb Khan paid rich tributes to the martyrs of Wali Bagh attack, saying
their sacrifices would not go in waste.

He also thanked the philanthropists and other people who generously contributed
in giving financial relief to the victims.