Nowshehra: Chief Minister Pakhtunkhwa Amir Haider Khan Hoti has said 
that success of Himayat Ullah Mayar in by-election Mardan was continuity in
successes of ANP which proved that there was no room for revolution other than
red flag and Bacha Khan revolution. He said that slogan of ‘khpala khawra khpal
ikhtyar’ has now became reality and fruits of provincial rights and completion
of political manifesto will be extended to nuke and corner of the province. He
said that people of the province have the first right over provincial exchequer
who had achieved success in flooding and terrorism challenges through their
courage and sacrifices. he was addressing ANP-arranged people gathering at
Nowshehra on Monday. The CM announced establishment of Cadet College and
development package worth Rs. 2.20 billion for construction and development of

ANP Provincial President Afraseyab Khattak and Provincial Minister Mian
Iftekhar hussain also addressed the gathering. Party provincial office bearers
along with Taj ud Din Khan and Arbab Muhammad Tahir were also present on the
occasion. The CM said that success of ANP Himayat Ullah Mayar in by-election has
augmented people unshakeable trust on ANP. He said that ANP will continue
journey of development and services to Pakhtun nation with new zeal and valour.
He said that participation of gallant people in two public gatherings of ANP in
Nowshehra has proved allegations of opponents, that government people were
invited to ANP People gatherings, wrong.

He said that slogan of Khpala khawra Khpal ikhtyar has now became reality and
the province has achieved additional resources due to better strategy and
efforts of the government and that was the reason why we overturned three
foreign loans worth billion dollars because we can’t tolerate any additional
burden on people. He further added that foreign loans will only be acquired for
revenue generating hydel and left canal projects that can return loans on their
own. He said that eradication of poverty and
unemployment was government’s top priority and government’s special initiatives
in this regard have no precedent in the past 63 years. He said that thousand of
families were benefiting from interest free loans under Bacha Khan Khpal Rozgar
Scheme and the funds of the scheme will increased by Rs. 2 billion by next year.

He said that unemployment will decrease and new ways of economic development
will open with establishment of IT Park in Peshawar the other day and youth
of the province will play their role in IT activities in their own province. He
further added that Hunarmand Rozgar Scheme worth Rs. 1.30 billion will commence
next month under which loans worth Rs. 3,00,000 on soft terms will be offered to
skilled youth. He said that scholarships worth Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 15,000 per
person have been offered for two years respectively to top ten position holders
in SSC (Science & Arts) and F.A, F.Sc from government colleges and schools
adding earlier to this, cash prizes have been awarded to three position holders
and that was only once. He said that youth were our future and we can’t
compromise our future. He said that the provincial government will bear fee
burden of students enrolled to private schools in union councils having no
government schools phased wise under Rokhana Pakhtunkhwa Program. He siad that
1500 intelligent students have been provided technical training in prominent
technical institutes of the country on government expenses in order they can
shoulder burden of their families on their own after completion of training. He
said that Rs. 1 billion have been allocated for treatment
to poor hepatitis patients.

The CM said that more than Rs. 2 billion have been spent on development of
Nowshehra during the last four years. He siad that rehabilitation work on 120-KM
lengthy roads, five bridges, Pirsabaq, Misri Banda, Pabbi and Cherat Road was in
progress while work on Nowshehra Nizampur Road as alternative route for southern
districts costing Rs. 2.70 billion was also underway. He said that primary
middle and high schools in Nowshehra were up-graded costing Rs. 25 crore. He
announced return of 8000 kanal land acquired for Pak China Economic Zone to its
owners. He approved development funds according to MPAs Grant for collective
welfare activities in PK-13, PK-14 and PK-15 constituencies which will be
implemented in consultation with party organizations. the water supply schemes
in aforementioned constituencies will cost Rs. 3 crore. he also announced
provision of land for reconstruction of road on Khushal Khan Khattak Tomb and
Tehsil Building in Pabbi. He also approved construction of media
colony for journalists of Nowshehra on 15-kanal land. he approved Rs. 3 crore
for widening of road from Misree Banda to GT Road. He announced Rs. 90 crore for
30-km road from Nowshehra Kalan to Charsadda and said that he will himself lay
its foundation stone. he also announced construction of 20-KM roads in district,
new college in Rashakai Payan, establishment of Technical College to be named
after Ajmal Khattak, Rs. 2 crore for acquiring land for sub campus of Abdul Wali
Khan University and
provision of Rs. 32 crore for construction of sanitation schemes in Nowshehra
kalan and Pabbi. The CM also announced establishment of 35 primary schools in