Amir Haider Khan Hoti, CM Pakhtunkhwa inquiring the health of party MPA Aurangzeb Khan at Lady Reading Hospital soon after the incident

Peshawar: Chief Minister Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti has said that anti state
terrorists are destabilizing the country and consider Aswami National Party and the Provincial
Government as major hurdles in the path of their heinous agenda. That is why
they are targeting ANP leaders, people representatives and party workers. They
have once again cowardly attacked ANP and targeted its MPA Aurang Zeb Khan
but God Almighty is superior to them and Aurang Zeb Khan is steadily recovering
besides critical injury.

He expressed these views while talking to media men after inquiring the
health of MPA Aurang Zeb Khan and other injured at Lady Reading Hospital

The Chief Minister said: “We need to fight these terrorists collectively and to
flush them out. We have paid heavy price in this war for survival of the country
and is still paying.” Adding that, “Leaders and workers of ANP will consider the
huge sacrifice as an honour for them.”

The Chief Minister paid rich tributes to the spirit of mother of Aurang Zeb Khan
who expressed commitment on behalf of her family for rendering more and more
sacrifices in this war for survival of the country. He said this spirit is
enlivened in the hearts of every Pakhtun mother, father, son and children adding
that we will win this war at any cost.