Lakki Marwat: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Amir Haider Khan Hoti has
announced development package worth Rs.65 crore for Lakki Marwat during a public
meeting address at Lakki Marwat on Wednesday. He said that the government was
fully aware of people welfare and development despite untoword and difficult
circumstances due to terrorism. He said tht political opponents should wait
general elections, despite criticizing ANP for the sake of criticism. He said
that ANP was the only party that has achieved more than 80% of its manifesto’s
goals under acumen of its leadership and support of the people and workers
within a short span of three and a half year. He said that doors of dialogues
were open on people accepting writ of the government, however, elements
stressing on militancy will be fought till the last. He said that strengthening
ANP was demand of the time, added, sacrifices of ANP against enemies to state,
peace, development and religion were day light clear. ANP provincial president
senator Afraseyab Khattak, Provincial Information Minister Mian Iftekhar Hussain,
MPA Yasmin Zia, and ANP District President Sadr-ud-Din also addressed the

The Chief Minister welcomed inclusion of more people to ANP and said that ANP
believe in practice contrary to hallow slogans of other parties. He said that
the fight against terrorism during the last three and a half year, attainment of
provincial rights, unanimous approval of NFC Award, attainment of net hydel
profit, control over resources, uniform development of entire province and steps
for prosperity are such instances were its proof. He lauded efforts of MPA
Yasmin Zia and Sadr-ud-Din for holding successful people gathering in Lakki

The Chief Minister said that current stiff situation in the region was the
resulf of past obsolete policies and wrong decisions and its consequences were
now facing by Pakistan particularly peoply of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, added, if
concerns of Bacha Khan and Wali Khan were considered, the situation may be
different. He said that unfortunately our leaders were maligned with decrees of
infidelity and the fire of lawlessness and extremism spread to FATA Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa and Pakistan. He said that after forming government, we tried to
control this fire through peaceful and political means, which were intentionally

He said that we were left with two option; one was to remain silent and
considering our interests, children and government, and second was to stand rock
solid wal against enemies to the country and nation, future and protection of
our children. He said that we adopted for the later option for which we paid a
huge price, added, innocent people, thousands police and army personnel were
martyred; Asfandyar Wali was targeted in Wali Bagh, center of Pakhtuns.

The Lonely son of Mian Iftekhar Hussain was killed and ideals of Pakhtun society were
shaltered and women were also targeted. He said that we were proud of our
martyrs, added, in spite of this, doors of dialogues were still opened on those
accepting writ of the government. He said that our opponents, taking cover of
criticism for the sake of criticism, were blaming ANP for the killings of
Pakhtuns, added, ANP history and role must be kept upfront which always rendered
sacrifies for the nation and country. He said that his government was fully
aware of its basic duties despite untowarred circumstances.

He threw detailed light on government efforts for controlling national energy
crisis and said that the government has decided to launch hydel power projects;
two of which will commence next month. He said that net hydel profit Rs.110
billion will be spent on power production added, earnings worth billions will
add to provincial economy. He said that oil and gas resources were in abundance
in southern districts that will be utilized for development of its people and
provision of basic needs. He further added that interest free laons have been
provided to thousand families under Bacha Khan Khpal Rozgar Scheme, government
has been introduced scholarships for intelligent students of government schools
and technical training in prominent institutes, added, these were steps that
help in employment opportunities and spreading light of knowledge.
Pointing to political opponents the Chief Minister said that election will held
on time and ANP will compete on the basis of its performance.

Responding to welcome address, the Chief Minister announced development package
for Lakki Marwat under which construction of Cadet College in Lakki Marwat and
Degree College in Pezo, Reconstruction of school, provision of staff for
hospital, upgradation of girls primary school in Kot Kashmir, provision of buses
to two colleges, construction of bridge on river Ghambila from Kot Kashmir to
Sara Dranga, 15 kilometers roads under FMR project, provisions of funds for
pressure pumps, tube wells and electricity work, funds for minor and major
development schemes in Lakki Marwat will be completed.

The Chief Minister lauded presence of women and efforts of  party MPA Yasmin Zia.