Updated on May 16th

compiled by Khushal Khan
flagMarch 30 :Cracker attack on school owned by ANP member Abdul Rasheed – He was martyred along with a 7 year old female student of his school. 6 injured.
March 31: Attack on Adnan Wazir in Bannu He survived . 2 martyred, 6 injured
April 12 : Grenade attack on Haji Rehmanullah in Swabi and his son Ameer Rehman. They survived. 1 Injured
April 12 : Attack on Arbab Ayub Jan in Peshawar. He survived. 1 injured.
April 14 : Mukaram Shah martyred in remotely detonated bomb attack in Manglawar Swat.
April 14 : Syed Masoom Shah attacked in Charsadda. He was Injured along with 3 others.
April 16 : Suicide attack on Haji Ghulam Bilour / Haroon Bilour in Peshawar. They survived. 17 martyred. Several injured.
April 17 : Residence of Farooq Khan attacked with a bomb in Charsadda. No injuries / deaths.
April 21 : 3 ANP workers gunned down in Pishin, Baluchistan.
April 22 : Hand grenade hurled at the election office of Gul Zamin Shah in Manerai, Swabi. 2 injured including Pukhtun Student Federation District President.
April 26 : Cracker attack on the car of Abdur Rehamn Khan Gul (NA-255 Candidate). He survived, 3 injured including 1 child.
April 26 : Bashir Jan targeted and attacked in Karachi during a corner meeting of the party. He survived along with Irshad Khan, ANP candidate for NA- 253. 12 others martyred, 40 injured.
April 27 : Firing on the rally of M Islam Khan in Swabi. His brother succumbed to his injuries later and passed away. 1 martyred.
April 28 : Attack on Khursheed Begum’s election office in Kohat that she shares with an independent candidate Syed Noor Akbar. 5 martyred.
April 28 : Attack on Ameer Rehman in Swabi, 2 martyred. More than 5 injured
April 28 : Ghazi Gul, member ANP, Gunned down and martyred in Karachi.
April 28 : Bomb blast outside the house of Malik Sheroz Khan in Bannu. No injuries / loss of life.

April 29 : Blast outside the house of Haji Daraz Khan in Mardan, No injuries/loss of life.

April 29 : Firing on Shahid Khan’s Hujra in Nowshehra. One martyred.

April 29 : Bomb attack on Mohammad Ahmad Khan’s rally in Charsadda. One martyred. Eleven injured.

May 1 : Firing on Convoy of Wajid Ali Khan (ANP Candidate: Pk 80). No loss of life

May 1 : 5 kg bomb defused by BDS near the office of Arbab Nazir (ANP Candidate: PK 8) in Mathra. No loss of life.

May 1 : Firing on Convoy of Litaf Gul (ANP Candidate: Pk 30) in Mardan. No loss of life / 4 injured.

May.2 : Sadiq Zaman Khattak, ANP candidate for NA-254 has been shot dead along with his three-year-old son after praying in a mosque in Karachi. 4 other injured.

May 4 : Hand grenade attack on the Hujra of Latif-ur-Rehman (General Secretary ANP Pk 23) in Mardan. No loss of life, 2 injured.

 May 6 : Bomb defused by BDU outside the house of Farzand Khan, the ANP candidate for PK-8. No loss of life / No Injuries

May 8 : Bomb attack on Gul Afzal Khan, ANP candidate for NA 44 from Bajuar.. He survived. Two martyred / Several wounded.

May 8 : Firing on Sardar Hussain Babak, ANP candidate for PK 77, in Buner. No loss of life / 3 injured including his brother Mohammad Ali. 

May 10: Hand grenade on ANP local leaders Farman Ali and Arbaz Ali in Yar Hussain, Swabi. Both of the leaders were martyred. 2 Martyred / Several injured.

May 10: Two bomb blasts outside ANP Election office in Bahloli village in Chasadda. No loss of life / No injuries

May 11: Bomb attack on Amahullah Mehsud, ANP candidate for PS 128, in Karachi. He survived. 11 martyred / 50 injured.

May 11: Muhammad Shafiq, party’s local leader narrowly escaped in attack when un-known gunmen opened fire on his car No. LOF 9495 near Hujra Said Malang Shah in Bacha Garhi Charsadda.