Akora Khattak: Central President Asfandyar Wali Khan has said that people like Ajmal Khattak never die as their legacy continue to guide the posterity.
He was talking to reporters after offering fateha for the departed soul of the veteran ANP leader Ajmal Khattak on Tuesday. The ANP Chief said Ajmal Khattak was a true disciple of Bacha Khan and his demise was a great loss to the Pakhtuns.

Talking about the multi-faceted personality of the late leader, Asfandyar said the deceased was his mentor in politics along with Khan Abdul Wali Khan. The Central President further said Ajmal Khattak was a great leader and people like him were born once in centuries.

ANP provincial president Senator Afrasiyab Khattak said Ajmal Khattak was not only a politician but also a poet and a great scholar. He said his services for the Pakhtun people would always be remembered. A large number of ANP leaders, ministers and political leaders of other parties came to Akora Khattak on Tuesday to offer fateha for the nationalist leader.