PESHAWAR: President of Awami National Party Asfandyar Wali Khan Thursday said
that no one should expect from his party that it would support any undemocratic
and unconstitutional move to dislodge the democratically elected government as
"Parliament is mother of all institutions".

Addressing a public meeting held in connection with the 24th death anniversary
of Baacha Khan and 6th death anniversary of Rehbr-e-Tehrik Khan Abdul Wali Khan
held here at Tehmas Khan Stadium, the ANP President said that all the state
institutions derived strength from the parliament, adding the constitution of
the country clearly defined powers and functions of each and every state organ.

"We will not allow any institution to interfere in the affairs of others," he
said, adding "we all have to accept this reality that parliament was the base of
state institutions".

The ANP President also debunked the notion being propagated by certain vested
elements that the democratic system was in danger in the country, saying there
would be no problem if all the institutions worked within their defined

He said the present democratic system would continue to remain intact and would
march on the road to progress and development without any fear. The ANP leader
also urged upon the leadership of both Pakistan and Afghanistan to sit across
the table for resolving the core issues as war was no solution to any problem.
Moreover, he said both the countries would also ensure that their soils were not
being used against each other for terrorist activities.

He said that if they could hold talks with hardliners like Sufi Muhammad and
Maulana Fazlullah for the sake of peace, they were also ready to sit on table
with the extremists provided they accept writ of the government and shun

"Otherwise we are ready to offer more sacrifices for securing peace," adding,
"We know the art of blocking violence with non-violence.

"If peace could be restored with my blood then I am also ready for the same", he
said and added that "we never know to bow our heads before tyrannical forces but
know to defeat violence with non violence as our determinations were high".

About the reforms in tribal regions, he said ANP believed that it people of FATA
had to decide about their future whether they wanted to be part of the
Pakhtunkhwa or wanted to have separate province, adding "in both cases we will
support them."

He declared to celebrate year 2012 as ‘FATA Year’ and directed the party
organizations activation in various tribal regions to hold seminars and
discussion with the tribal people for resolution of their problems.

He claimed to have fulfilled the unfinished agenda of his illustrious father
Khan Abdul Wali Khan by securing identity for the Pukhtoons in the map of
Pakistan and shelving the Kalabagh dam project forever.

The last will of Wali Khan to have lasting peace in this region has yet to be
fulfilled, he said, and added that we have won the major war for rights of the

The war for survival of Pukhtuns was yet to be won, he told the audience. We
will establish durable peace in the province and will ensure safety and
protection of the people as well.

The public meeting was also addressed by Chie Minster Khyber Pakthunkhwa Ameer
Haider Khan Hoti, President of ANP Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Senator Afrasiab 
Khattak. The venue of the public meeting was tastefully decorated with red flags
buntings and banners carrying large size pictures of Fakhr e Afghan Baacha Khan,
Rehbr e Tehrik Khan Abdul Wali Khan, Asfandyar Wali Khan.

The banners were inscribed with slogans like "Peace", "We Want Peace on Our
Soil", "Khpla Khwara Khpal Ikhtiar" etc. The District administration had
declared local holiday in Peshawar to facilitate the people to attend the public