Provincial Information Secretary of the Awami National Party Arbab Muhammad
Tahir Khan Khalil has called upon the central government to release special
grants for the rehabilitation of the militancy-affected Swat Valley.

Addressing a press conference yesterday at Peshawar Press Club, Arbab Tahir
said the federal government should pay attention to the betterment and
socio-economic condition of the people of the scenic valley. Beside others, ANP
Provincial General Secretary Tajuddin Khan was also present on the occasion.

The passage of Nizam-e-Adl Regulation, he said, was the outcome of the hectic
and sincere efforts of the Awami National Party, which tried its best to restore
peace to the region.

“We assume the charge at the time when poor law and order situation had
engulfed the entire province. After coming to power we had decided to keep
restoration of peace as our top priority and achieve our goals at any cost,” he
said and added after getting approved the Nizam-e-Adl Regulation, the ANP had
proved that it had the ability to restore peace.

Secretary Information said party had held dialogue with Taliban leader Maulana
Fazlullah, which was actually proved as a first step for restoring peace in the
Swat valley. He said that some elements had started conspiring against the peace
agreement, but they failed to bar the President from signing the Regulation.

He called upon the federal government to announce special package for the
rehabilitation of the Swat Valley, as it was not possible for the Pakhtunkhwa
government to build the valley on its own. He also demanded of the donor
agencies and NGOs to help the provincial government in its efforts to
reconstruct and rehabilitate Swat.