Dr. Haider Ali KhanAs
you know that the GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR (GWOT) has escalated once again in the
North West of Pakistan. Malakand in general
and Swat in particular has become the frontline of this Global Phenomenon, where
a full fledged war is going on. As a consequence more than 1.5 million people
have been displaced so far and millions more are trapped in extremely miserable
conditions inside the valleys and waiting desperately to be rescued.
According to reliable international sources this is THE LARGEST INTERNAL
DISPLACEMENT of the world in the last fifteen years and may become the largest
displacement of the human history if the situation persists. It’s the worst
catastrophe of the recent past where the level of sufferings and devastations is
far more than that of recent earth quake in Pakistan and Sonami in Indian Ocean.
But unfortunately the international community has not yet responded properly and

Dear fellow humans! have you ever thought that why these millions of innocent
people of Swat, Buner, Dir and Malakand in general and Pukhtookhwa in particular
have been bearing the brunt of GWOT and who has to help them out? They are
suffering because they are on the
frontline of this war and fighting for global peace, democracy and human rights.
They are giving great sacrifices to save the human race from the imminent menace
of global terrorism. For the first time their children have been exposed to
temperature more than 45 degree celcius, they are dying of thirst and heat and
hunger. They have been compelled to leave their heavens like valleys and live in
a hell like situation now. There is an imminent danger of humanitarian crisis if
these victims are not helped out immediately.
Our people and the Governments are trying their best to cope with the situation
but its not enough without the urgent and efficient involvement of
International Community.

I on behalf of the Awami National Party, appeal to the international community
in general and Pakhtoon Diaspora in particular to come forward and
help rescue these people on war footings. They are in dire need and look forward
to those who really believe in global peace, democracy, human rights and rule of
law. This is a war for our collective survival and future generations and we
should play our role jointly to help the victims," now or never".
Finally we must recognise and solute to the unprecedented resilience and courage
of the people of Mardan, Swabi and Malakand
Agency who played a major role in sustaining this huge and sudden influx of
people from the turbulent districts of Swat, Dir, Buner and

With best regards,
Dr.Haider Ali Khan
Member of Pakhtunkhwa Assembley
Secretary for foreign affairs ANP
Member PGA