Peshawar: Central President of the Awami National Party Asfandyar Wali Khan
alluded to party support for a Seraiki province by declaring that the ANP
organization in the Seraiki belt was a separate unit “whether people like it or
He described provincial autonomy as a sine qua non for the stability of the
country. “Pakistan can never progress till the provinces are given complete
political and financial autonomy,” he added.

Speaking at a function held here on Wednesday to welcome Sajid Khan Rajar,
district nazim of Charsadda, in the folds of ANP, Asfandyar said despite all
kinds of odds his party would not yield to the terrorist forces, fighting
against state and killing Pakhtuns to advance their own agenda.

“The Nizam-i-Adl Regulations will be promulgated in letter and spirit in
Malakand division. Apparently, militants have taken up arms to fight for the
Islam, it proved wrong, because they had refused to lay down arms,” Asfandyar

He said that militants were not interested in Nizam-i-Adl, instead they had a
different agenda, which they proved by marching towards Buner soon after the
implementation of NAR in Malakand division.

He said that the ANP-led coalition government did not enforce Nizam-i-Adl in
Swat on the pressure of Sufi Mohammad, Fazlullah or Muslim Khan rather it was
the demand of Malakand people.

He said that the battle in Pakhtun area was being fought for the survival of the
entire country. He appealed to people of other provinces as well as politicians
of Pakistan to support them in their fight against terrorists, saying that those
who thought that the menace could be stopped at river Indus were seriously

Talking about the division of Punjab into two provinces, Asfandyar said that ANP
had separate party organisation in the Seraiki belt and they considered it a
separate unit whether people agreed to it or not.

Provincial president of the party Senator Afrasiab Khattak on the occasion said
that ANP was the only political force that had a clear-cut stance on the ongoing
violence and terrorism across the country.

He said that some of the political parties were opposing the government for
launching military operation, but they had never criticised those elements
responsible for suicide attacks, destruction of schools and attacks on mosques
and funeral prayers.