Joint Declaration of ANP’s All Parties Conference for Peace
All the political and religious parties who attended the All Parties Conference unanimously appreciated the efforts of the ANP and its president, Asfandyar Wali Khan, for convening today’s conference on an important national issue. The conference recognizes that militancy and violence is not only one party’s, one province’s or one area’s problem but that it is the entire country’s problem. The survival and progress of our country depends upon finding relevant solutions to the problem. A continued democratic and political process and its sustainability will help in dealing with the problem in the long run. The participants of the All Parties Conference believe that this conference is just the beginning of a process that ANP and the rest of the political and religious parties will continue to consult with each other for future line of action.
The following points were agreed upon by the participants of the All Parties Conference:

  1. Peace needs to be restored in the country so that the loss of valuable lives can be stopped and the country could be put on the right track for economic and social developments.
  2. Attaining peace through dialogue should be the first priority.
  3. The resolution of the issue of terrorism should be in the ambit of constitution, law, security and sovereignty of the country.

The All Parties Conference appreciates the efforts of the Grand Qabaili Jirga for restoration of peace in FATA and wants the people of FATA and their representatives to know that all the parties who participated in this conference stand with them in their struggle for peace.
The All Parties Conference prays for the martyrs who have lost their lives because of terrorism and express their condolence with their families. The participants of the All Parties Conference also appreciate and acknowledge the sacrifices given by the leaders and members of political parties. The Conference demands from the Central and the Provincial Governments to announce aid packages for the relatives of the victims of terrorism. The Conference also demands to give priority to the problems that are faced by the people displaced because of terrorism and demands to ensure restoration of peace so that the affected people can go back to their homes with honor and dignity.