Chief Minister Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti has said that his government under its
political leadership will continue the journey of peace in our country and
development of our people by following the philosophy of peace and tolerance of
Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan and will render any sort of sacrifice for this purpose.

We can achieve distinction in community of nations by following the venerated
principles of continuous struggle and colossal spirit of our ancestors, however,
brotherhood, unity and harmony is central to this.

He expressed these views in his message issued in connection with 22nd death
anniversary of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan and 4th death centenary of Khan Abdul
Wali Khan.

He said that in light of national and international circumstances and keeping
our thoughts, acumen and patience we must follow the advice “Unity is must or
else will stifled” of Khan Abdul Wali Khan adding that, “We have started
practical efforts for establishment of peace following the philosophy of peace
and lenience of our great leader since our inception.” He said that our
ancestors have worked for peace in this region and nation which was based on
century long efforts adding that we had also followed the same vein but
unfortunately now the said region is engulfed by a gust of extremism and

The Chief Minister said that we are celebrating this ceremony with a commitment
of serving the people in a manner which gives pleasures to their souls. He said
that it is the foremost and ultimate wish of Bacha Khan, which he frequently
expressed that the Pakhtuns, if became Pakhtuns then it would be hard to enslave
them and believed that if get united peace will itself prevail in the entire
region. The Chief Minister said that Bacha khan dreamed that no Pakhtun should
remain illiterate and should have possession of their resources.

The Chief Minister said that the present government is committed for realizing
his dreams. Haider Khan furher said: “At the time of death of Bacha Khan,
Pakhtuns from Jinnah Park Peshawar to Shesham Bagh Jalal Abad were united which
expressed their national spirit. Likewise at the time of death of Khan Abdul
Wali Khan there were unity among the Pakhtuns in every nuke and corner of the
country which reflects the spirits of love towards humanity and peace of the

The Chief Minister said once again today the people, region and circumstances of
the world demand such a movement and world is showing consensus on the need of
peace and hatred towards extremism. He said that all that happened not
accidentally, neither it was an instant thought that Bacha Khan has felt the
need of peace in the region in the beginning of the century but the fact is that
he has seized the picture with his vision adding that which we are now facing in
the form of problems and turmoil. He declared.

Ameer Haider Khan Hoti said: “The government is working on the educational
vision of its leaders and has extended the net of schools across the province
under Bacha Khan Trust Education Foundation.” Adding that the point of
possession of resources has now became the spirit of the federation. The ANP has
extended its practical efforts in this regard and is progressing favourably.