Mardan. Prior to inagurate College of Management Sciences, CM Haider Khan Hoti addressing after lying foundation stone of Bacha Khan Monument at Baacha Khan Chowk Mardan

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti said setting up
primary, secondary, higher and professional educational institutes play vital
role in removing darkness of ignorance from the society and giving destiny of
development and prosperity to the nation. He said, his government is utilizing
all out resources for provision of each level education to common man in current
circumstances. He was addressing a gathering after inaugurating Government
College of Management Sciences at Sawabi road during the last phase of his one
day visit to Mardan on Saturday. MNA, MPAs, Director technical education,
special assistant to chief minister, commissioner Mardan, DCO, district
authorities, former district Nazim, ANP representatives, College principal,
faculty members, students and large number of local notables were also present
on the occasion.

The chief minister referring to Bacha Medical College, Abdul WAli Khan
University and campus of Agriculture University in Mardan, said, “Mardan is the
second major district of the province which was continuously deprived of its
right during the past. The provincial government is giving its due right to
Mardan and not at the cost of impeding rights of any other district.” He said
development of Mardan can not be materialized without support of the elected
representatives. He termed Mardan as his foundation and said welfare of its
people and development of the area is his responsibility. He said the
establishment of these educational institutes will not only ease Mardan’s
students from traveling far and wide but will also facilitate students from
associated districts in their endeavors for higher and professional education.
He said he will soon lay foundation stone of first children hospital of the
province in public sector associated to Benazir Bhutto Shaheed. He said 16 crore
have been allocated for construction of building of Government College of
Management Sciences in ADP while Government Commerce College for Girls costing17
crore has also been approved. He announced 25 lakh for purchasing new computers,
and 10 lakh for fulfilling library and furniture needs of Commerce College. He
directed for constituting project committee under college principal for
incurring the expenditure under his supervision.
The chief minister said, “We appreciate positive criticism but we believe in
personal performance and services to the people in answering our critics.”
Earlier, presenting the welcome address, the college principal Professor Gohar
Ali lauded successes of the present government achieved during the last two and
a half year which materialized only due to Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti people
friendly stance. He said, currently 500 students are enrolled to the college and
the number will increase manifold next year. He lauded personal interests of
Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti and former Nazim Himayat Ullah Mayar in establishment of
the college.
Earlier to this, the chief minister laid the foundation stone of Bacha Khan’s
Monument at Bacha Khan Chowk Mardan. Addressing the people on the occasion, the
chief minister said, “This will be an ideal monument in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Its
first phase will be completed in six months at a cost of four crore.” He said
the monument will be constructed in memories of a remarkable personality who had
preserve his whole life for serving Pakhtuns adding Bacha Khan had suffered
numerous difficulties for development and security to rights of Pakhtun nation.
Later the chief minister talked intimately to people present on the occasion. He
addressed the people with help of hand speaker upon their request. He soon
launched construction work on Toro road in Sheikh Maltoon Town after reaching
Mardan. The length of the road is 5.30 kilometers and will be completed at a
cost of 85.146 million.

While talking to mediamen on this occasion, CM Hoti said dialogues with
terrorists killing and targeting innocent people are impossible. American
Counsel General went back to home for personal reasons. Measures have been taken
for curbing terrorism during Muharram.
The chief minister said, “There is no room for dialogues with terrorists involve
in terror incidents and shedding blood of innocent people. The doors of
reconciliation are only open in case they surrender, accept writ of the
government, law and constitution and gurantee peaceful living.” He said we are
at war front and waves of danger oscillate in ocean of war adding current terror
incidents are such type of waves, he maintained. He said playing with sentiments
of the people and spreading chaos in Hangu and Kohat during revered month of
Muharram is the main reason behind terrorism there but all possible measures
have been taken for restraining such incidents and not only the government, Shia
Sunni Ulemas, elders and administration have also be taken on board in this
regard. “The government and the administration are in close contacts with
religious and political leaders which aimed at restricting such acts.” He
When quizzed regarding wikileaks revelations, the chief minister said, “It is a
mere drama and people are getting entertained by discussing it. Fortunately,
there leaks nothing regarding me.” He said, American Counsel General went back
to home for personal reasons which require her presence there adding she had
requested her foreign office in this regard. “Her performance during her stay in
Peshawar was brilliant and she was too active during current flooding.” He said,
a farewell meeting took place amongst us during the last few days and I have
thanked her for her services in Peshawar.