Chief Minister Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti has said that courts will start working
under Adl Regulation in Swat. All the cases of the division will be decided in
Malakand Division. Establishment of peace in Swat and restoration of the
government’s writ is our first priority and no one will be spared for hindering
the process. Problems will be resolved through dialogues. We are thankful to
Maulana Sufi Muhammad and his companions for helping in establishment of peace
and normalizing situations. Swat is an injured part of our body and healing of
its wounds is more important than of other parts. He expressed these views
during a speech to representative Jirga in Circuit House and later on in a press
conference in Mingora,central city of Swat. On the occasion he also distributed
cheques of payments among heirs of the deceased.

Newly elected senator Zahid Khan, provincial information minister Mian
Iftikhar Hussain, provincial Head of PPPP and health minister Syed Zahir Ali
Shah, provincial ministers belonging to Swat Wajid Ali Khan, Ayub Ashari, MPAs
Sher Shah Kha, Dr. Shamsher, Waqar Ahmad Khan, Syed Jafar Shah, political
secretary to chief minister Syed Masoom Shah Bacha, Home Secretary Fayaz Toro,
IGP Malik Naveed and other high officials also accompanied the chief minister.

“The people of Swat have faced several problems. Clouds of darkness are now
shedding and light of development awaits them. Conditions of uncertainty and
lawlessness in Swat are refuting of their right. In 1994 and 99 announcements
were made for justice and peace which unfortunately failed due to impractical
steps. They have demanded for justice and facility of appeal for their cases in
Malakand. The present government keeping in view their basic need and have given
practical shape to Nizam-e-Adl Regulation 2009 and are committed for its
enforcement.” Hoti maintained.
The chief minister said that Adl Regulation will be enforced at all cost and
which is the need of time and right of the people of Malakand Division. He also
thanked Maulana Sufi Muhammad who helped in the establishment of peace in
Malakand Division particularly in Swat. The government also praises his role.

“Today the conditions in Swat are gradually changing. Long journey of peace and
brotherhood is started and removing hurdles of this path is now our collective
responsibility.” he reiterated.
The chief minister said that some elements shall hinder the process whose agenda
is to sabotage the peace process and stability. Their agenda will only be
successful if lawlessness and disturb environment prevail. On the occasion the
chief minister also lauded the sacrifices of army, police and public and said
that land of Swat has witnessed lot of bloodshed and now there is no further
room for more bloodshed. He also asked the police personnel to rejoin their
“Administrative set-up is necessary for the enforcement of Nizam-e-Adl
Regulation. Swat is an injured part of my body and for the healing of its wounds
large part of the resources will be utilized.” he said.
The chief minister reiterated his firm resolves that his government will
continue its efforts for the establishment of peace, rehabilitation and
reconstruction in Swat. The government will fulfill its responsibility for the
establishment of peace system at all cost.
He also lauded the role of media and appealed to play its constructive role in
future. On the occasion the chief minister also announced a grant of worth 35
and 20 lakh rupees for District Bar Association and Press Club Swat
respectively. He also approved the restoration of District Headquarter Hospital.

Provincial Information Minister Mian Iftekhar Hussain and Provincial President
of PPPP and Provincial Health Minister Syed Zahir Ali Shah also addressed the
“The entire world is closely watching us. Swat was more peaceful than the rest
of the province. People of the locality are peace loving, educated, mild and
brave. Lawlessness in the region was an injured part of their body. The time is
now to heal their wounds. And we will collectively resolve towards peace not
shunning any sort of sacrifice.” Iftekhar maintained.
Syed Zahir Ali Shah said that peaceful environment in Swat is a good premonition
and an emulate of great future. He said that some elements are involved in
sabotage of peace process however they will not be let successful in their evil