Jusitce (Retd) Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim
Chief election Commissioner,
Government of Pakistan,

Subject: Security of ANP’s leadership, members and contestants

Dear Justice Ibrahim
Salam and Greetings,
I would like to draw your attention to the repeated public threats of the terrorist networks to Awami national Party leadership, Members and Contestants. On April, 2013, Party’s senior leader, former Provincial Minister and candidate for NA-4 Mr. Arbab Ayoub Jan had narrow escaped from a remote control bomb attack on his way home from a corner meeting. The attack was claimed by a terrorist group issuing fresh threats to ANP. On April 12, an attack was launched on the motorcade of Haji Rehmanullah, an ANP candidate for NA-13 in Swabi. Luckily there was no loss of life. A few weeks back a contestant from Bannu Mr. Adnan Wazir was attacked. Two of his close supporters were killed in the attack and Adnan Wazir was injured.
Despite serious threats to ANP, on the instructions of Election Commission the minimum security provided to the party Senior Leadership and contestants has been withdrawn. On the one hand the care taker Prime Minister is directing the care taker government to provide security to Political Leaders and each contestant, on the other hand, the provincial care taker government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is withdrawing total security from ANP leaders and contestants. This has further compounded the party’s existing political challenges seriously affecting its outreach to the voters and conducting its election campaign. The situation is giving undue advantage to the party’s political opponents. So what message is being given to ANP by these discriminatory measures? In the past, we were kept away from the masses by imprisonment, torture and exile. Today we are being politically marginalized by the threat from the so called non-state terrorist actors who are openly sitting inside our country. Is it just a change in the form of repression?
As you know very well, political parties can only put up political resistance to terrorists. It is the duty of state to curb the menace of terrorism. In the interest of free and fair elections, I urge you to take urgent notice of terrorist threats to the party and ensure a level playing field by directing all the provincial governments to provide adequate security to the party’s leaders, members and contestants. Otherwise, I am afraid 2013 elections will not be free and fair, if the terrorist are allowed to influence and determine the results and the Election Commission fails to take timely notice of it.
Asfandyar Wali Khan,
Central President of ANP,
Baacha Khan Markaz,
Copies to:-

  • The President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  • The Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  • The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
  • The Chief Ministers of all the four provinces.