Swabi: Party's Women leaders and other members said that ANP is on verge of materializing Baacha Khan's dream of the Provincial autonomy after succeeding to drop the idea of Kalabagh dam and renaming of NWFP as Pukhtunkhawa by the Federal Government in the constitutional package.

This was declared in a meeting, which was presided over by the District president of the Women Wing and MPA Dr. Yasmeen Jasmin here Wednesday.

"Our leaders had run vigorous campaigns against the construction of controversial Kalabagh Dam and proposed to the previous governments that instead of sticking with the anti-Pukhtoon project, small dams should be built to come over the ever increasing demand of electricity for both the people’s and industry in the country. But no one was ready to listen. Now the great gap came into witness between the demand and production of power due to previous governments’ wrong policy to ignore the small dam projects,” Dr. Yasmeen Jasmin said.

She said that during the PML-N and ANP coalition government the Provincial Assembly passed the Pukhtunkhawa’s resolution by 72 to 2 votes in Oct: 1997 but some anti-Pukhtunkhwa elements created hurdles despite that recognizing the fact that there was no valid ground for Federal resistance once the majority of the house voted in its favour.

“We also hope that the peace deals with the militants would lead to the restoration of peace in Pukhtunkhwa and tribal region,” she said.

Alia Begum, General Secretary said that there would be no hurdle in renaming NWFP as Pukhtunkhwa because the PPP and ANP are coalition partners in both Federal and Frontier Province.

She said that since the establishment of the country the ANP stalwarts have been demanding to uphold the principle of the Provincial autonomy, but the rulers had created a sense of deprivation among the smaller provinces instead of working for building a constructive environment.

“We demanded that the federating units should be given their due share according to the agreed formula by the Federal government,” she said.

“We also declared that with out provincial autonomy the rivalry between Centre and Provinces will continue unabated in different forms.”

She said that Balochistan, Punjab, Sindh and Pukhtunkhwa province should have right over their respective resources because the victimization policy would not work for long time. “We called the victimization policy an imposed policy,” she said.