Chief Minister Pakhtunkhwa, Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti has appealed the Pakistani
living abroad particularly the Pukhtoons to assist the IDPs purely on Islamic
brethren and humanitarian basis who were affected badly due to military
operation against the militants and terrorists. He also laid stress on the
international community, the other three provincial governments and the federal
government to assist more and more the affected people leaving their homes and
valuable assets behind. We have no other option except triumph and we will never
allow any one to capture our land and shed the blood of innocent Pakhtuns. He
expressed these views during a message to the nation telecast by a private
Pashto News Channel “AVT Khyber”.

The Chief Minister said that people of the region remained in difficulties
and problems for several years and which increases with the passage of time.
After general election we have started our practical proceedings with the
promised peace pact which was unfortunately sabotaged. The next step was the
practical implementation of Nizam-e-Adl for the provision of speedy justice to
the people of Malakand Division not caring any external or internal pressure. It
was expected that with the decision those who have raised arms for this purpose
would put it down but unfortunately our expectations did not fulfill due to
handful of miscreants. They not only violated the agreement but also expanded
its activities to Buneer and Dir adding that government has started operation
against them in order to ensure the safety and security of public lives and
property and were the demand of law and constitution for the establishment of
the writ of the government.
The Chief Minister said that the announcement of Nizam-e-Adl has brought
happiness on the faces of the people of Malakand but those elements whose agenda
was to destabilize the region and the country have never let it lost long. The
government has used the element of force as a last option left. The chief
minister asserted that we will never let the future of the Pukhtoons at a risk
and will clear the enemies of Islam and humanity.
He appealed the pukhtoons living abroad to play their role in minimizing the
problems and difficulties of the IDPs adding that the government and
non-government officials, political institutions of provincial and federal
government and welfare organization should also play their role in this regard.
He further said that today people of the region are facing deep troubles and
need more and more assistance. He also appealed the international community,
donor agencies and the Pakistani nation to take active part in assisting the
IDPs. The chief minister said that we believe the challenge is huge and the
operation may lost long and is a difficult one adding that triumph is the last
option left and of which our future is related therein. He assured the IDPs that
they will be provided any sort of assistance in this hour of need and which is
their right and our duty. He also thanked those families who have provided
shelter in their houses to the IDPs.
The chief minister said that the miscreants have not only created troubles for
the Pukhtoons but also for the whole nation. He said that the miscreants are
losing their tempo and our morals are high. He assured people of other parts of
the province and the whole nation that by the Grace of God we will never let any
one to shed the blood of innocent people and capturing our land by force.
Difficulties and problems are part of the history of the nations and brave
nations by keeping unity in their ranks and patience thwart such circumstances
graciously. He appealed the nation to show solidarity and spirits in these
difficult circumstances as they shown in the incident of earthquake in 2005. He
declared Khyber AVT channel as a mouth piece of Pukhtoons nation and expressed
the hope it will play its positive role in future. He also thanked the Chief
Executive of the channel Kamran Raja and members of its team.

Meanwhile an emergency meeting of MPAs of Malakand Division held today under
Provincial Minister for Information and Public Relation Mian Iftekhar Hussain in
Peshawar in which the influx of IDPs, the provision of food, shelter and other
basic needs of life in the camps and outside the camps were reviewed in detail
and decisions were made for pacifying the assistance activities. Younus javed
and Mushtaq Jadoon of Emergency Response Cell briefed the participant of the
meeting regarding relief activities in detail. Participants of the meeting
included; Provincial Ministers, Ayub Ashari, Sardar Hussain Babak and Wajid Ali
Khan, MPAs Dr.Haidar Khan, Jafar Shah, Shamsher Khan, Sher Shah, Qaisar Wali,
and ANP Provincial Secretary Information Arbab Tahir.
It was decided in the meeting to monitor the registration of the affected
families and the provision of assistance items to the IDP on daily basis. All
the MPAs of Malakand Division will ensure the transparency of provision of basic
needs of life to the IDPs at all levels. The participants showed willingness for
the decision of distribution of basic needs of life and other donations to the
IDPs under World Food Programme and said that it will ensure the availability of
basic needs of life to the needy in a transparent manner.
“The history of the nation has yet to experience displacement of people on such
a large scale and which is a greater challenge. The government and every person
of the province are deeply shocked over the difficulties and problems faced by
the affectees and their sacrifices for the security of the country will never be
gone wasted.” They declared.
They appealed the affected families to show patience and tolerance as these
difficulties will over very soon and they will soon return to their homes safely
and courteously.
Participants of the meeting stressed on all the political parties of the country
to assist the affected families without any regards of political affinities.
They also thanked the people of Mardan, Sawabi and Charssada, the civil society
and political workers for their role as of Ansar-i-Madina in the assistance to
the affectees. The meeting unanimously lauded the role of government officials,
administration, political parties and its workers, non-political welfare
organizations, donors and volunteers for their role in relief activities.

On the otherhand,Chief Minister Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti also has paid surprise visit
to IDPs camp in Chota Lahore Sawabi, where affectees from Buner resided. The
chief minister mixed with the people on the occasion and asked about the
facilities and needs provided to them in the camps. The affected families
complained against the quality and substandard of cooked food provided to them.
The chief minister took immediate notice of the complaints and directed the
concerned authorities to take immediate steps for the provision of quality food.
On the desires of the affectees, he also directed the authorities to stop
transfer of affectees to the big camp established in Shah Mansoor Town.
He said that the provincial government and the whole nation are with them in
such hour of difficulties. He told them that no stone will be left unturned for
the provision of food, shelter and other necessities of life.