Pakhtunkhwa’s Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti has called for
introducing administrative and political reforms into Fata in accordance with
aspirations, customs and demands of the tribesmen.

“The Pakhtun nation living in Fata and settled parts of the province has
administrative difference but they can not be separated from each others as a
nation,” Ameer Haider Hoti said while talking to a delegation of the elites from
Khyber Agency at the Frontier House in Peshawar.

On this occasion, MPA Atifur Rehman, Imran Afridi, ANP Khyber Agency
president Malak Abdur Rahim, secretary higher education, political agent Khayber
Agency and director general CDMD were also present.

In his address, the Chief Minister said that the provincial assembly was
incomplete without representation from the tribal people.

The members of the delegation expressed their deep grief over the Wali Bagh
incident and also thanked Allah Almighty for securing the life of the ANP leader
Asfandyar Wali Khan in the attack on October 2.

They also prayed for the departed souls of those killed in the attack.

The jirga informed the CM about the problems they were facing in aftermath of
boundary wall construction at the agency border with Hayatabad township.

They also informed about the problems to the tribal students in getting
admissions in education institutes in Peshawar.

Responding to the demands of the tribal jirga, the Chief Minister directed
formation of two committees in this regard which would be respectively headed by
provincial higher education minister Qazi Asad and commissioner Peshawar. These
committees were directed to come up with applicable recommendations within next
ten days.

Other members of the committee formed under the supervision of higher education
minister are secretary higher education, Imran Ifridi, ANP Khyber Agency
president Malak Abdur Rahim, while the members of the second committee under the
head of Peshawar commissioner will be PA Khyber Agency, DG CDMD, Imran Afridi,
APA Atifur Rehman, Malak Abdur Rahim and CCPO Peshawar.

Speaking on the occasion, chief minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti said that the
prevailing situation was demanding of them to shun internal differences and get
united. He said it was his firm belief that without peace in tribal areas, dream
for a peaceful situation in the settled parts of the province could not be

He said the tribal belt was used for experiments, which resulted into
destabilization of the tribal jirga system and served a major blow to the tribal

He said a third power was emerged in the tribal areas after the soil was used
for war aimed at pleasing others, which badly disturbed the existing
administrative system and the influence of the tribal elders in decision making.

Ameer Haider Hoti said after the incident of 9/11, mostly Pakhtun nation borne
the brunt of the situation after a drastic shift was taken in the foreign

“If today we turned our faces from the realties, it would be another blunder and
injustice with the people of FATA,” he added.

The chief minister said that the people of FATA were not terrorists rather they
were victims of terrorism as they were the worst sufferers of the menace.

Hoti said that there was a dire need of taking basic decisions and bringing
changes in FATA, however, all the stakeholders should be taken into confidence
before any changes or decisions.

He said that the people of FATA were facing the problems of unemployment,
education and clean drinking water and it was need of the hour to bring them
into mainstream national development.