Asfand Yar Wali Khan

Chief of the Awami National Party Asfandyar Wali Khan has said that crises in Swat
has indeed made the life of the whole nation miserable and recent incidents in
Swat has intensified this misery and pain but, ANP would never leave Swat’s
people alone and every possible measures would be taken to solve their problems
and to restore peace there.

Central President of the party said  that every Pakhtun is feeling grief
over the existent situations in Swat. Some selfish figures and enemies of
Pakhtun nation has made this beautiful valley of Swat a hub of extremism and
terrorism and now along with law and order situation, basic necessities of life
are inaccessible. He said that ANP has always made it a part of their priorities
to bring peace and stability to the whole region especially in Swat and for this
entered into many agreements so that ANP could fulfill its promises.

Asfandyar said that ANP is well aware of the miserable situation of Swat’s
people from which they are passing and is in close contact with the federal
government to find solution to this problem. He appealed the Swatians to be
patient and said that there would be no compromise on bringing peace and harmony
in Swat. He also conveyed his deepest condolence to the bereaved family of those
who died in Mangora.