Nimroz KhanPakhtunkhwa's Minister for religious affairs Mr. Nimroz Khan have said that the planet earth can be made an exemplary place for peace and stability by establishing interfaith harmony. He urged the opinion leaders of all faiths and religions to do their best for the promotion of inter-faith harmony.

This he expressed while talking to the representatives of different religions in Peshawar on Monday. The delegation exchanged views with the Minister on the arrangements being made for the interfaith harmony conference to be held on August. 25. The aim of the conference is to make the peace efforts successful, to unite the followers and representatives of different religions on one platform and to promote the message of peace in their respective areas.
The Minister said that Islam is the religion of peace but unfortunately the law and order situation of the country deteriorated during Musharraf's period but now after his resignation, peace and stability will prevail and our economy will improve.
The Minister reviewed the arrangements for the conference and directed the participants to ensure maximum participation of their respective religious scholars in the conference in order to achieve the objectives of the conference.