Bahrain: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Amir Haider Khan Hoti has formally launched the 10-years Hydro Power Generation Action Plan of the provincial government by inauguration Dral Khawar Power Project in Bahrain (Swat) on Monday. Under the Action Plan 24 projects with capacity of 2100MW with total financial implications amounting Rs. 330 billion will be initiated.

Addressing the gathering, the chief minister said that the Action Plan has been prepared in consultation with entire political parties for continuity in implementation on the Action Plan. He said that this power generation project will prove instrumental in relieving the nation from curse of load shedding and province economic self-sufficiency and development and prosperity of the people. He said that sacrifices of the people Swat for survival and protection of the country and nation have now become bright chapter of history. He said that extremists are enemies to development and peace and their thinking is limited to their interests. Senior Leader Afzal Khan Lala, Senior Provincial Minister Rahim Dad Kha, Provincial Minister Wajid Ali Khan, MPA Jafer Shah, Sher Shah, Rehmat Ali and Noor Sehr, ANP Provincial General Secretary Arbab Muhammad Tahir, Vice President Eng. Abbas, ANP District and local office bearers, Provincial Secretary Energy & Power Zafar Iqbal, MD SHYDO Bahader Shah, Commissioner Malakand, DCO and large number of local notables were also present on the occasion.
The chief minister termed inauguration of Dral Khawar project as a historical moment and said that the project will prove to be commencement of development and prosperity of the area. The project with capacity 36.6MW, costing Rs. 7 billion will be completed in three years. He said that protection to rights of the local people was his top priority. He assured that the project will create no hurdle in provision of water to people for drinking, irrigation and it will not effect the environment. He said that local people will be preferred for employment under the project and water will be provided to the people by freezing the unit in case of shortage of water in winter. The chief minister said that the province has the capacity to generate 30,000MW electricity and 24 areas have been identified for utilizing this capacity under public, private and partnership, adding, 11 projects are ready for construction process and work on it will commence in near future while 13 projects are under feasibility process. He said that these projects will be accomplished through assistance from national and foreign investors and foreign investment in this connection will be welcomed. He said that one-window facilities under SHYDO will be available for support to investors.
The chief minister said that entire political parties had promised for continuity in implementation on the Action Plan. He said that after success in attaining Net Hydl Profit, the revenues will be spent on production of power units. He said that the fruits of additional resources achieved in result of 18th Amendment and NFC Award will be extended to every nuke and corner of the province.
Responding to welcome address from MPA Jafer Shah, the chief minister approved Rs. 2 crore and 60 lakh for water supply and sewerage system in Bahren, Rs. 2 crore and 65 lakh for election works, Rs. 2 crore for re-settlement of project affectees and Rs. 20 crore for degree college. He hailed the remarkable construction of educational institutes and police stations in Swat. He assured that all these projects will be accomplished along with power project. He said that work on flood devastated Maden-Kalam road with assistance from Saudi Government in near future. The chief minister thanked UAE, Saudi Arabia British Government and other friend countries for their assistance in reconstruction activities in Swat.
The chief minister said that he was impressed by the spirit of local people for early rehabilitation of roads immediately after flooding and he has promptly released Rs. 14 crore and made the road functional with assistance of Pak Army. He said that sacrifices of Pak-Army and police are day light clear in establishment of peace in Swat. He announced that he will inaugurate Mataltan Hydro Power Project with capacity 84MW in June/July. He approved establishment of police station in Bahren and inaugurated it on the occasion. He said newly built Gamen Bridge will soon be inaugurated.
Senior Provincial Minister Rahim Dad Khan, MPAs Jafer Shah and Sher Shah also addressed the gathering. Secretary Energy and Power Zafar Iqbal and MD SHYDO Bahader Shah briefed the chief minister on characteristics, goals and objectives of the project.
Later on chief minister talked to separate delegation of local journalists and lawyers and ANP.PK-85 . they apprised the chief minister of their problems. He assured solution to their problems.