Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti has reiterated his government
resolve of not surrendering before terrorists and vowed to crush them in their
hideouts so that no body in future could dare to challenge the writ of the
He pledged that the provision of security tops the priority of the government
and will go all-out to dismantle their dens and masterminds.

He was addressing distribution ceremony of compensational cheques amongst the
martyrs and injured of Adezai, Ring Road, Patang Chowk and Charsadda bomb blasts
here in Peshawar on Tuesday.

Those present on the occasion were included ministers Mian Iftikhar Hussain,
Barrister Arshad Abdullah, Deputy Speaker, Khushdil Khan, secretary general ANP,
Mr. Tajuddin Khan, MPA Aurangzeb Khan and other members of the provincial
assembly from Charsadda.

The Chief Minister said that the provision of relief cheques amongst the heirs
of the martyrs and injured people of the bomb blasts is only for sharing the
grief of these people.

He said that the problem confronting the province is joint national problem and
could be resolved only with maintaining of unity in our ranks.

Haider Khan said, he salutes the courage and resolve of the people, who are
facing the situation bravery, saying the terrorists would be defeated with the
support of the people.

The Chief Minister said that they are unfortunately facing elements which would
be neither called Muslims nor humans as they are worse than wild animals and the
enemies of the whole nation.

He said that investigations from the elements arrested in connections with the
bomb blasts and suicide strikes had revealed that our own people are being used
in the suicide bombings and explosions.

Hoti added that in greed of money our own people are agreeing for become suicide
bombers, planting of bombs and delivering of explosive laden vehicles to the
specified places.

The sacrifice of life for the protection of the future of the nation and country
is not a costly bargain. However, he called for sitting aside all political,
ideological and vested interests for launching a joint struggle at this critical

He also urged on the resources people to come forward for looking after of the
heirs and families of those who had sacrificed their lives in the war of
national salvation.

The Chief Minister distributed cheques worth Rs25.6 million amongst the heirs of
the different bomb blasts.