Chief Minister Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti has said that people of Malakand
division, political workers and people representatives through enormous
sacrifices of lives have wiped out the dreams of those planning for subjugating
Sawabi and Mardan after Swat Dir and Buneer. The gallant people of Pakhtoonkhwa
will not take rest until the complete elimination of terrorism. Ruling during
this war for survival of the country is a Jihad. He expressed these views while
addressing a public gathering after inaugurating various developmental schemes
upon his brief visit to Sawabi on Tuesday. Provincial Ministers Zarsheed Khan
and Sardar Hussain Babak, MPAs Advocate Mukhtiar Khan, Ghani Dad Khan and Ahmad
Bahadar Khan, ANP District Office bearers and divisional and district
authorities were also present on the occasion.

The chief minister said that Sawabi was the center for politics for Bacha
Khan and Abdul Wali Khan and will continue so. He announced the establishment of
campus of Wali Khan University in Sawabi and said that he has inaugurated three
major projects in Sawabi which include: widening of Adena Yar Hussain Road,
upgradation of RHC Kalu Khan and construction of road from Shah Der Bridge to
Naranji. He said that the assistance and help extended by the people of Sawabi
to IDPs of Malakand division have greatly helped in the elimination of
terrorists adding that the government has utilized all options for impeding
destruction and massacre of innocent people in Swat but at last the decision of
law enforcement operation has been taken against the anti state elements. He
maintained. He said: “we have paid a heavy price of this; however we are heading
in the right direction for elimination of enemies to religion, humanity and
development of Pakhtoon.”
Citing his recent visit to Peuchar, the chief minister said that he can’t
explain the happiness and sentiments of people and children of the area and this
area was first visited by Late President Ayub Khan in the 60s before him.
Earlier the chief minister inaugurated widening project of 24 kilometers lengthy
Adena Yar Hussain road. Upon upgradation of RHC Kalu Khan, the chief minister
was apprised that this health unit consist of 40 beds will have all the
facilities after been placed in D grade and will cost more than 12 crore and 26
lakh rupees while construction of road more than 7 kilometers from Shah Der
Bridge to Naranji will cost 47 crore rupees. Upon arrival to Sawabi, the chief
minister was warmly welcomed with all the route has been decorated with red
flags of ANP while people on both sides of the road chant slogans in favour of
the chief minister, ANP and the Provincial Government. On arrival back to
Peshawar, the chief minister briefly visited the location for campus of Khan
Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan. DCO Sawabi said that 4000 canals area has
been preserved for university campus on directives of the chief minister and
Police Colony will be constructed for heirs of Police Shuhadas while school for
elite police force will also be constructed. The chief minister also hinted
formation of Recreation Park on coast of the river and said that its feasibility
will be prepared in order that people from Sawabi and associated area should
come here for amusement and recreation. The chief minister on the occasion talks
intimately with the children and other visitors.

Earlier, speaking in Mardan Chief Minister Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti has said that
a healthy mother make certain a healthy society. The role of mother in
education, nurturing and life of children can’t be denied. Due attention was not
paid to health sector of mother and child in the past. However, the present
provincial government is following a comprehensive planning in this connection.
First ever children hospital associated with the name of Benazir Bhutto in
public sector will be constructed in Mardan. He expressed these views while
addressing a gathering under MNCH as a chief Guest at Mardan Medical Complex.
Chairman Senate Standing Committee for health, Senator Zahid Khan, MPAs Ghani
Dad Khan and Ahmad Bahadar Khan, Secretary Health, Provincial Chief UNICEF
Irshad Karim, Provincial Coordinator MNCH Program Dr. Salar Khan and Dr. Qaim
Shah and Dr. Sangeen of Mardan Medical Complex were also present on the
Certificates have also awarded to 34 women who had completed midwifery course.

The chief minister said that the role of mother in formation of healthy and
developed society is central and lesser attention to health of mother and child
has been resulted in many problems adding that the provincial government is
committed for its rectification. He said that we believe in quality not quantity
and that is the reason why maximum resources have been spent on current infra
structure and new equipments have been bought for hospitals. He said that
phase-III of Mardan Medical Complex has been approved and it will be included in
next annual developmental programme. He also hinted progress in work on
establishment of children hospitals in Peshawar and Mardan.
The chief minister said that construction work on building of Bacha Khan Medical
College will commenced this year. He lauded the efforts of international
institutes and organizations in materializing MNCH Program and said that
government and people of the province highly revered these efforts. He also
assured full support on behalf of the provincial government. Provincial Chief
UNICEF Irshad Karim also addressed the gathering. Provincial Coordinator MNCH
Program Dr. Salar Khan throw detailed light on progress, objectives and Physical
and monetary performances of the program. He said that National Maternal and
Newborn Children Health program has been initiated in association with UNICEF,
USAID, PAIMAN, Save the Children, UNFCA and WHO for decrease in mortality rate
during birth and health of mother and child adding that share of NWFP is 2.8
billion rupees in collective allocation while 39.6 million rupees will be spend
on the program from provincial resources. He said that efforts are underway for
ensuring services of trained midwife at RHC, Tehsil Headquarter and District
Headquarter hospitals levels to minimize mother child mortality rate. He said
that 1466 women have been trained for this purpose while district units of
training have been established in 24 districts. He presented facts and figures
regarding staff of this network. The chief guest on the occasion distributed
shields among prominent performers which include Senator Zahid Khan, Provincial
Chief UNICEF Irshad Karim, and Provincial Coordinator MNCH Program Dr. Salar
Khan, Secretary Health and Dr. Farooq Ahmad.