Chief Minister Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti has said that to defy the challenges
and difficulties faced by the Pukhtoons region, the government of Afghanistan
and Pakistan should cooperate with each other. He further stressed on thorough
contacts and collaboration between the government of Afghanistan and Pakhtunkhwa
government through the federal government adding that Afghanistan and
Pukhtoonkhwa share the same values of traditions, history, religion and

Their thinking, feelings and sentiments even their problems and difficulties
are the same. Citing the attacks on the terminals the chief minister said that
it is the result of fewer cooperation and irresponsible attitudes of the
contractors. He said this in an interview with pushto TV channel “Shamshad”.
“Since the past few years the Pukhtoons nation has faced huge losses and blood
shedding and the history lack such precedent. The intervention of Russian Army
in Afghanistan , their exit, and the events after 9/11 has severely affected
Afghanistan and Pakistan , particularly our province. When the destruction
started in Afghanistan no one think of it that it will spread to our region as
well. When it spread to Waziristan still people in Peshawar were of the view
that it is the problem of Waziristan and we are safe. Such feelings were
erroneous and now the fire of extremism spread all over the province.”Hoti
The chief minister said that the conditions are critical and the problems and
difficulties cannot be avoid, however, it is fact that without peace and
stability in Afghanistan, the peace and stability in FATA and in the province is
impossible, but we have faced the challenges bravely and still our morals are
“We are committed for winning the war of the survival of the Pukhtoon nation and
security of our land. Now the success in the war is the collective
responsibility of the Pukhtoons and they are left with no other option”. Hoti
Answering to a question regarding the change of the name of the province, the
chief minister said that for the first time in Pakistan the president on the
floor of the National Assembly and on the forum of United Nation has called the
province as Pukhtoonkhwa.
“We are trying and believe on coalition parties that the name and autonomy of
the province will remain in the upcoming constitutional amendments.” he
To another question the chief minister said that orders have been issued
regarding the establishment of Pashto department in Khan Abdul Wali Khan
University .
Citing the Nizam-e-Adl deal in Swat the chief minister said that it was the just
demand of the people of the region to provide them speedy justice at their door
steps and they felt deficiency in the present judicial setup adding that the
conditions are alarming but the Nizam-e-Adl Regulations will be implemented all
over Malakand Division which include peaceful regions of Kohestan and Chitral.

The chief minister said that the support of all political, religious parties of
the province and different sections of the society are with us and it is our
responsibility to fill the deficiency of the lack of provision of justice to the
Regarding the video of flogging a 17years old girl the chief minister said that
I am not known to it whether it took place or not and there is information that
the incident did not take place in Swat.
“Suppose it did happen wherever and whenever, it is highly condemnable and every
Pukhtoon, muslim even every human being condemns such acts. And the decision of
the implementation of Nizam-e-Adl is made for the prevention of killing of
innocent children, women and beheading of common people.”Hoti observed.
The chief minister also expressed concern over the publicity of such videos at
such a critical juncture of time and said that there are some elements involved
and struggling for the sabotage of Nizam-e-Adl and peace process in Malakand.
The chief minister said that as far as the peace deal is concerned people of
Malakand have promised to live peaceful lives and will never do something which
may prove to be fatal for the peace in the region, for the deal or which is
against Pakistan. Our policy regarding the tribal areas is clear and that the
peace deal must contain the element of no infiltration from both sides of
Pakistan and Afghanistan .. We will never wish that our land will be used
against our neighbours and expect the same from them. He said that the history
of Pukhtoon suggest that they always prefer the jirga system for the solution to
their problems and we also believe in it. The use of force should always be the
last option.
In reply to a query regarding the abduction of the diplomats of Afghanistan and
Iran , the chief minister said that both the incidents are highly condemnable.
Iran is our neighbor brethren Islamic country and we share the common historical
relations. Afghanistan is our second home and there is no second opinion that
the security of the diplomats is the duty of the government of Pakistan. We are
facing problems due to the proximity of the tribal region and it doesn’t mean to
hold the tribal people responsible for it. They are themselves severely affected
due to such circumstances and have rendered great sacrifices.
“Our purpose is to fight those groups and forces that have established their own
small states and are involved in such accidents on both sides of the border;
however we will continue our efforts for the safe return of both the diplomats.
The purpose of the abduction of the ambassadors is to defame the government of
followers of Bacha Khan and Wali Khan on one side and on the other wants to
weaken relations between the two brethren neighboring countries”. Hoti
The chief minister said that both the countries are facing terrorism and can
only counter act it through cooperation and collective efforts.
Regarding a question about the drone attacks the chief minister said that it is
basic that no country is allowed to act in such a manner in any independent
sovereign country. Such attacks are fatal for the independence of Pakistan and
are against its sovereignty. The attacks will ruthlessly affect the efforts
against terrorism because it is leading towards. He clarified that operation
against terrorism is the responsibility of Pakistan Army in Pakistan and Afghan
Army in Afghanistan and American attitude in this regard is not in the interests
of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Americans should consider the ground realities
of both the countries otherwise the situations will remain intimidating.
To a question regarding the attacks on NATO terminals the chief minister said
that these attacks are the results of the less cooperation and irresponsible
attitudes of the contractors. The government has conducted inquiries and made
some arrests, however, it is a sensitive matter.
The chief minister said that plots were designed against the Pukhtoon for
several times to prove them terrorists, however, it is a good sign that the
Pukhtoon have now became aware of it and they should now fight it collectively.

“From day one our government follow the policy of settling the problems
peacefully and opted for the jirga system for solution to these problems and we
can’t depend on others in this connection.” he maintained.
To a question regarding the new American administrative policy the chief
minister said that every policy has its shortcomings and plus points, however,
its fruitfulness and success depends on its practical execution. And if the
policy was followed generously it might have its positive impacts on both
Afghanistan and Pakistan and if any mayhems exists it will not only badly affect
Afghanistan and Pakistan but also will render serious repercussions for America
as well.
Towards the end of the interview the chief minister stressed on the Pukhtoon
particularly the youth and said that they should follow the philosophy of peace
of Bacha khan where the time is critical and the decisions about their present
even the future is still to be made.
The chief minister also requested the media both in Afghanistan and Pakistan to
provide objective information to the general public and play its role in the
solution to their problems. The disembark of the sentiments and voices of the
people of both the countries to one another is the need of the hour.