Mardan: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Amir Haider Khan Hoti inspected the church in Mardan that was set ablaze by miscreants in guise of protestors on last Friday. The Chief Minister announced Rs. 30 million for repair and reconstruction of the church. Haider Hoti said that elements burning the church to ashes were involved in conspiracies of damaging religious harmony. He said that all these conspiracies will be thwarted with unity and concord. He said Islam taught the message of peace and tranquility and grants fall freedom to followers of other religious to practice their religion. He said that followers of other religious have equal right over Pakistan. He further said that people responsible for the incident will meted with exemplary punishment. He was addressing the Christian community in premises of the church at Mardan on Tuesday. MNA Himayat Ullah Mayar, MPAs Asif Bhatti and Haji Ahmad Khan Bahadar, ANP District President Farooq Akram Khan, General Secretary Imran Manduri, district authorities, Ulemas and large number of Christian’s brother were also present on the occasion. The chief minister was apprised of damages to the church on the occasion.
The chief minister termed the incident extreme brutality and said that it was highly condemnable. He said that muslims have every right of peaceful protest on eve of Ishq-i-Rasool Day and followers of other religion were also along with the government and people of Pakistan. He said that unfortunately some miscreants not only damages valuable property but also devastated the church of Christian community. He said that these elements have earned bad name for the country and Islam. He said that these elements can’t escape law. He assured the Christian community for better and beauteous repair and reconstruction of the church, and that he will soon lay its foundation stone. He said that the church will be given extension. He directed concerned authorities for ensuring reconstruction and repair of the church in consultation with elders of the Christian community. He termed minorities as an integral part of Pakistan and expressed sorrow and apology over the incident. He said that we were required to maintain religious harmony and thwart conspiracies of anti-state elements. He said that Islam doesn’t permit its followers to damage worshipers of other religion and their sacred places.
Meanwhile addressing people gathering at Sharif Abad and Goli. The chief minister said that unity and concord was the earnestly need for survival of the nation, development prosperity and brighter future. He said that everyone claim to seve but realizing that depend on good will, spirit and sincere companions. He said that despite political achievements, ANP has rendered huge sacrifices for survival of the nation and peace. He vowed to render any sort of sacrivice in future for this cause. He said that serving Mardan was my responsibility and the critics were required to assist me in this cause regardless of political affiliations.; he said that Rs. 150 million has been approved for PK-23 constituency while Rs.30 million has been allocated for five funderal places including the one at Mustafa Aad and Rs. 51 million for installation of water hand-pumps. Addressing as gathering in PK-24 constituency, the chief minister said that Rs. 50 million each has been allocated for mosques and electricity projects, while Rs. 30 million has been allocate for installation of hand-pumps. He said that six mechanical sweepers, two multi-loaders and 40 big containers will soon be provided to Mardan. He aid that Rs. 180 million has been allocated for protection against flood and drainage system and the work on it will commence in two months.