Peshawar: Strongly condemning the recurrent spate of terrorist violence in the length and breadth of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in which many precious lives have been lost and many others have received serious injury, Basheer Ahmad Matta Interim President Awami National Party Pukhtunkhwa, has expressed heartfelt sympathies with the victims of terrorism, and prayed to God Almighty to shower His mercy on the martyrs and grant speedy recovery to the injured. He observed that both the central and provincial governments are responsible for this dismal and deplorable state of affairs and are equally guilty of not performing their fundamental duty of assuring safety of life and limb to the citizens of the land. He added that despite the huge mandate that he received from all political parties of the country, the Prime Minister has miserably failed in leading the talks with Taliban to any worthwhile result. All the while his – and his Interior Minister’s – attitude towards this vital matter has been halfhearted and superficial. Indeed, the Prime Minister has remained singularly unconcerned about the injury and misery that terrorism is causing to the unfortunate dwellers of this province.
He added that in any self respecting country at least the Interior Minister would have resigned. As for as the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, he is a mere toy in the hands of Imran Khan who conveniently has now forgotten the promises he made just a few months back that he would give the gift of peace to the people through his policy of conciliation and had then posed as a great champion of peace and a savior of the people. Now, sadly, he does not even utter a word of sympathy for the unfortunate victims of terrorism.
Basheer Ahmad Matta expressed the fear that if things remain as they are, the incompetent government many maintain a shadowy existence but the image and authority of the state will receive a setback which will take a long time to mend.