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Mardan: Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti has said that the coalition government
of ANP and PPPP in the province is committed in environment of mutual trust for
establishment of peace in the province, attainment of provincial rights and
prosperity together with provision of basic facilities to the people. This
mutual trust and cooperation between the two parties will be maintained in
future. He was addressing a large public gathering at Ghundo Grid station after
laying the foundation stone of Baizai Irrigation scheme at Katlang. ANP Acting
District president Engineer Abbas chaired the gathering. Other speakers on the
occasion included; Senior Provincial Minister and PPP leader Rahim Dad Khan,
President ANP PF-28 constituency Kher Nawab Kaka, and General Secretary PF-24
Javed Yousafzai. MPAs Ghani Dad Khan and Ahmad Khan Bahadar, and Political
Secretary to Chief Minister Syed Masoom Shah Bacha were also present on the

The Chief Minister said “we will answer our critics with services to the
people, our performance and development and construction of our province”.
Baizai Irrigation Scheme was a long standing demand of our elders and people of
this region have rendered enormous sacrifices in releasing scuffles of the
British Empire. The coalition government of ANP and Peoples Party is committed
for redressing of these grievances and the commencement of practical work on
Baizai Irrigation Scheme supports this argument. The Chief Minister said that he
believed in practical work and the provincial government is steadily moving
towards achievements of its goals, however, small differences did occur even in
homes which should be settled with ease and mutual understanding. He said that
two years of our government completed successfully with unity and cooperation
and mutual cooperation rather will take part in the next election with such
spirits he maintained.

The Chief Minister said that this major project will irrigate 25 thousand acres
barren land of the area adding that Katlang has already been upgraded to tehsil
level while establishment of Girls Degree College in the area has also been
approved. He said construction work on Katlang Buner road is also moving swiftly
while work on Express way from Chakdara via Katlang will also start soon. Like
wise developmental schemes on large scale will be completed in all Union
Councils of the area in the coming financial year. Small projects worth million
rupees have also been completed in the area last year.

The chief minister said that Prime Minister of Pakistan had requested him to pin
point one mega project for the province adding that he requested him for
commencement of work on Chashma Left Canal project and the Prime Minister has
approved the Chashma Left Canal Project for irrigation of thousand acres of land
of the southern districts upon his requests. He said that the prime minister is
a courteous person and we hold his support regarding the development of the
province. He also thanked the support and guidance of senor provincial Minister
Rahim Dad Khan in this connection.
The Chief Minister said that developmental schemes on large scale will be
completed through out the province and construction of 11 under passes, another
major hospital, children hospital; Burn and Trauma Centre in Peshawar,
construction of southern By-pass and project of provision of clean drinking
water from Warsak for Peshawar have also been approved.

Khan Abdul Wali Khan University in Mardan, Bacha Khan Medical College, Benazir
Bhutto Children Hospital, Reconstruction of DHQ Hospital in Mardan, and modern
facilities of health and educated in Mardan Medical Complex Phase-III will be
available to the people. The Chief Minister said that establishment of peace in
the province is our prime objective and our party workers, leaders and MPAs have
rendered sacrifices of their lives for this purpose. He lauded the spirits of
pukhtunwali of the people of host districts Mardan, Charsadda, Nowshera and
Peshawar who ensured respectable return of the affectees.
The attainment of net hydel profit under NFC award is the success of the
provincial government and the phases of change in name of the province and
provincial autonomy will be completed with support of the people adding that
these successes are meaningless without support of the people. He lauded the
spirit and sacrifices of the people of the province in the war against terrorism
and the provincial government will continue serving the people of the province
with such spirit. He assured that difficulties of the people of Katlang
regarding payment of utility bills will be eliminated soon. He appealed the
people to monitor the ongoing developmental schemes in their respective areas.

Earlier the chief minister formally laid the foundation stone of Baizai
Irrigation Scheme at Katlang Mardan on Friday. He said that the scheme will not
only fulfill agricultural self-sufficiency of the province but will also cement
the economy of the province. Project Director Sajjad briefed the chief minister
about the structure and capacity of the project and informed that the project
will be completed within three years costing 1.79 billion rupees. The project
will irrigate 20 thousand acres of Mardan and 5 thousand acres Malakand and
electricity will be produced through small dams on 40 kilometers lengthy canal.
The completion of the project will usher new era of agricultural development. He
was further informed that land of Sarobi area is also included in the project.
Javed Khan of ANP while addressing the gathering said that Baizai Irrigation
Schemes was the long standing demand of the people of the area adding that the
young chief minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti has won the hearts of the people by
materializing the project. He also lauded the efforts of ANP district General
Secretary Mian Tahir, Himayat Ullah Mayar and Project Director Sajjad in this
connection. President ANP PF-28 Kher Nawab Kaka in his speech said that today
the dream of Bacha Khan is fulfilling and Ameer Haider Khan Hoti has raised the
heads of Khudai Khidmatgar with pride. He also thanked all the guests.