Prominent political Figure of Mardan Ameer Zaib Khan together with his hundreds of companions formally announced joining ANP

Peshawar:Chief Minister Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti has said that eliminating terrorism
from the region is a hectic task but not an impossible one. The present
government has decided to fight the enemies to state keeping in view the present
circumstances and which reflect the traditions of Pakhtuns and interests of the
country and nation. Successful efforts are underway towards the destiny of
provincial autonomy and the net hydel profit and the attainment of resources
under NFC Award are the mile stone of it.

The ANP is paying heavy price of war against terrorism and is still committed
and has the potential to pay much more than this.

He expressed these views while addressing a jirga held at CM House Peshawar.
Prominent political Figure of Mardan Ameer Zaib Khan together with his hundreds
of companions formally announced joining ANP in the jirga. Provincial Minister
for Social Welfare Sitara Imran and large number of political workers of Mardan
were also present on the occasion.
The Chief Minister said that the future and needs of the whole province are the
center of his politics adding that his thinking is not limited only to a
respective district or constituency. However, he said that Mardan is the base of
politics and he can not ignore the well wishes of the inhabitants of Mardan.

He welcomed Ameer Zaib Khan and his companions for joining ANP and assured
him that his decision will prove as a source of pride for him. The Chief
Minister, while highlighting the achievements of his government, said that the
most important problems confronting his government since its inception were the
elimination of militancy and establishment of peace. Hence, his government tried
to solve these problems through jirgas and dialogues keeping in view the
manifesto of the party and traditions, but unfortunately enemies to the state
sabotaged these efforts all the time adding that the government, at last,
decided a law enforcement operation for the elimination of the militants which
is in the best interests of the Pakhtun nation and the country, he remarked. He
lauded the PakhtunWali and brethren of host districts including Mardan, Sawabi
and Charsadda.

Ameer Haider Khan Hoti further said that politics, development and provision of
basic facilities are meaningless without peace and announced that the
elimination of terrorists is difficult but not impossible. He said that the
whole nation is united for the elimination of terrorists and no any sacrifice
would be shunned for this purpose. The chief minister said that the problem of
net hydel profit is over now and the consensus between the federation and the
provinces on distribution of resources after 19 years is the victory of
democracy and political wisdom of the leaders. He said that the net hydel profit
would be utilized for the production of units of power while resources obtained
through NFC will be utilized for spreading net of developmental schemes across
the province. He said that the credit of provincial autonomy agreed in
constitution of 1973 and name of the province will also goes to the present
government by the grace of God.
The Chief Minister, on the occasion, also threw detailed light on the importance
of mega projects of Mardan and particularly cited Khan Abdul Wali Khan
University, Bacha Khan Medical College and Benazir Children Hospital. The chief
minister also lauded the support of Provincial Minister for Social Welfare
Sitara Imran in this connection.
Later on, the Provincial Minister for Social Welfare Sitara Imran and prominent
political figure of Mardan Ameer Zaib Khan also addressed the jirga. Ameer Zaib
Khan, in his speech, formally announced together with his companions, the
joining of ANP and expressed full confidence over the leadership of Asfandeyar
Wali Khan, Afraseyab Khattak and Chief Minister Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti.