Mingora: President ANP Pakhtunkhwa, Senator Afrasiab Khattak on Monday said the Party was on the hit-list of the terrorists because of the party’s agenda for durable peace in the motherland.
He was speaking at a press conference in Swat Press Club where the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Divisional General Secretary, Sher Shah Khan announced to join the ANP. Senator Afrasiab said the ongoing violence against the ANP leaders and its workers was not a new phenomena for the party.
Senator Khattak  pointed out that it was a wrong perception that by targeting the ANP, certain elements would be able to stop it from the serving the land and its people.
He said that certain quarters were making all-out efforts to support the blue-eyed political parties with the aim to make it to the Parliament adding that election in the given atmosphere of intimidation couldn’t be called free and fair. Afrasiab explained the ANP had inflicted a defeat on militants in the province and paid a heavy price for establishing peace in the region in terms of human and material losses.
He argued that peace was restored in Swat district with the matchless sacrifices of the martyrs adding that the nation was well-aware of the individuals who had spilled the blood of the Pakhtuns for the sake of the United States (US).
On the occasion, noted politician and office-bearer of PTI Sher Shah Khan along with scores of his supporters announced joining the ANP. He said he had decided to join the ANP as it was the real representative political forum of the Pakhtuns.