Afghandelegates-1Peshawar: A high profile Afghan delegation arrives in Peshawar tomorrow morning to condole on the sad demise of veteran politician and senior leader of the party Mohammad Afzal Khan who passed away last week. The delegation is led by H.E. Engineer Mohammad Khan, Deputy Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
Below is the detailed list of the members of the delegation who will be landing at Baacha Khan International Airport shortly.

Serial No. Name Designation
 1 H.E. Eng. Moh’d Khan Deputy Chief Executive
 2 Dr. Hazrat Umar Zakhelwal Advoisor for Economic Affairs
 3 Dr. Mohammad Akram Khpalwak Special Rep. in Political Affairs to the President
 4 Moh’d Gulab Maingal Minister for Frontier &  Tribal Affairs
 5  Ghulam Nabi Farahi  Minister for Parliamentary Affairs
 6  S. Hussain Alemi Balkhi  Minister for Repatriation Affairs
 7  Abdul Bari Jehani  Minister for Culture & Information
 8  Hikmat Karzai  Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs
 9  Qubu Din Hilal  Adviser to the President
 10  Haji Din Mohammad Adviser to the President
 11  Abdul Karim Khurram  Adviser to Hamid Karzai, ex-president
 12  Arif Noorzi  Ex-Minister
 13  Ghulam Farooque Wardak  Ex-Minister
 14  Dr. Farooq Azam  Ex-Minister
 15  Mohammad Alem Rasikh  Adviser to the President
 16  Asadullah Wafa  Adviser to the President
 17  Maulvi Jora  Adviser to the President
 18  Maulavi M. Usman Salikzada  Adviser to the President
 19  Abdul Hakim Mujahid  Head of Peace Committee
 20  M. Ismail Qasimyar  Member Peace Committee
 21  Qazi M. Amin Waqad  Head of Unity Committee of Hizb-e-Islami
 22  Zardasht Shams  Minister for Culture & Information Affairs
 23  Aminuddin Muzaffari  Sec. of the Peace Committee
 24  Said Ahmad Haqbeen  Dep. Minister of Frontier & Tribal
 25  Abdul Khaliq Balakarzai  Rep. of National Jirga
 26  Khial Moh’d Hussaini  Adviser to the President
 27  Nadir Khan Katwazai  Rep. of National Jirga
 28  Haji Nazir Ahmadzai  Vice Rep. of National Jirga
 29  Muhmood Khan Sulaimankhele  Rep. of National Jirga
 30  Abdul Qadir Qalanwal  Rep. of National Jirga
 31  Moh’d Ayub Rafiqui  Head of Qandahar High Committee
 32  Abdul Karim Barahvi  Ex-Minister
 33  Habibullah Rafi  Writer & Historian
 34  Abdul Wajid Wahid  Mem. Education Academy
 35  Zareen Unkhor  Head of National Television
 36  Shah Mehmoud Miakhel  Writer & Politician
 37  Stana Gul Sherzad Head of Afghan National Committee
 38  Ghulam Jilani Zhwak  Head of Kabul News Television
 39  Khushal Roohi  Head of Afghan National Movement
 40 Ziaul Haq Amerkhel  Head of National Committee
 41 Bilal Ahmadzai  Vice Protocol of the Republic Department
 42 Asadullah Rahmani  First vice of Executive Dept.
 43 Gul Hassan Totlkhel  Assistant to Dr. Moh’d Akram Khpalwak
 44 M. Shehryar Momand  Head of the office of Dr. Hazrat Omar Zakhiwal
 45 Jamaluddin Khan Kunerwal
 46 Moh’d Naser Ahmadi