KABUL: Awakened Youth Association Wednesday demanded
that the year 2010 must be named after great freedom fighter and proponent of the philosophy of non-violence Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, popularly known as Fakhr-e-Afghan
and Bacha Khan.

AYA president Israr Ahmad Karimazi told a press conference here that AYA
intends to launch peace rallies in all provinces of Afghanistan and in various
countries on 21st September. The Awakened Youth has the following demand in the
1. Killing of Afghans should be stopped
Awakened Youth asks involved parties in the fighting to stop killing Afghans. We
also ask United Nations to prevail a new strategy in Afghanistan to stop killing
Afghans and make efforts to use its mediation influence through other means to
resolve Afghanistan issue through peaceful means.
2. Year 2010 should be named year of Bacha Khan
The world knows Afghans as terrorist due to the current imposed war on Afghans,
but the international community does not know that Afghans are not only the hero
of sword and fighting, they are also hero of peace and non violence, the exemple
is the great hero and Afghan proud Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan. During his life he
pledged and continued his peaceful struggle even though he suffered tortures and
Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Bacha Khan are the leaders of non
violence in the previous century.
But the struggle of Bacha khan is more valued because his nation always
considered solution of all problems through force, but he invited people to non
violence and peace.
If the United Nations name year 2010 as the Year of Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan, the
philosophy of non violence will be once again resuscitated, and many efforts
will be made to resuscitate the Afghans real picture.
Pajhwok Afghan News