Chief Minister Pakhtunkhwa Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti has said that change in
name of the province today has resulted in fulfillment of dreams of Bacha Khan,
Abdul Wali Khan and our elders who had rendered enormous sacrifices for
identity, rights and autonomy of the province.

Everyone living in this country is much happier today. The present provincial
government has delivered to a greater extent in a shorter span of two years.

He expressed these views while talking to media men upon his visit to tomb of
Leader of the Movement Khan Abdul Wali Khan at Charsadda on Thursday. Senior
Provincial Minister Bashir Ahmad Bilour, Provincial Ministers Mian Iftekhar
Hussain, Hidayat Ullah, Nimroz Khan, Zarsheed Khan and Arshad Abdullah, MPAs,
ANP Provincial General Secretary Taj ud Din and large number of party workers
were also present on the occasion.

The Chief Minister said that today our delight is infinite and visit to
tomb of Khan Abdul Wali Khan is meant for congratulating our elders upon success
of his struggle. He said that today two years of the provincial government has
been completed and ANP has achieved a lot according to its politics and
manifesto. “Announcement of NFC Award, our successes against militants in the
war for survival of the country, attainment of provincial autonomy in the form
of package of 18th amendment to the constitution and completion of struggle in
the form of change in name of the province as Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa augment this
fact.”   Hoti argued. He further added that no any other political
government has achieved such remarkable successes in shorter period of two

To a query regarding objection from some quarters, Ameer Haider Khan Hoti
said that difference in opinion is part of democracy, we respect these
discrepancies in their opinions and will try to move ahead with consensus
because the country and the province at present need unity which will be
maintained. He said that Bacha Khan had rendered enormous sacrifices for
identity, rights and autonomy of the province. “This begins with Khudai
Khedmatgar Movement of Bacha Khan, Abdul Wali Khan raised its flag and it is a
movement of gratitude that dream of Pakhtoon nation is fulfilled under the
leadership of Asfandeyar Wali, member of the same family.”  He remarked
adding that I myself being their follower is present here at the tomb to
congratulate them on this historic achievement.

He said that his government is committed for utilization of net hydel
profit for production of power units adding that 10 billion rupees have been
received in this connection while 100 billions rupees more to come. He said that
the provincial government has very recently decided to start work on production
of 312 mega watt electricity and is trying to invest more and more in these
sectors which will increase profit of the province. He assured that these
projects will assist in controlling power crisis in the country. He said that
load shedding is a national problem; however, he said that our province produce
most part of the electricity that is why load shedding should be least here.

To a query regarding IDPs, the chief minister said that all facilities have
been provided to IDPs in Jalozai Camp; however, delay in this occurs due the
registration process.

Earlier talking to MPAs at his office, the chief minister said that that
change in name of the province has given identity to the province of its own.
The whole nation particularly the people of the province deserves congratulation
over this achievement.

The chief minister said: “ANP has endured the right of representing the
people of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa by approval of name of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa for the
province from the constitutional reforms committee and will continue struggle
for attainment of rights of Pakhtoon.” Adding that, “Change in name of the
province was a longstanding legal demand of the Pakhtoons and ANP had strived
hard for its attainment for a long time and finally has fulfilled its promise
with the people.”

Citing 18th Amendment, the chief minister said that it will help in
restoration of constitution of 1973 in its original form, democracy will
flourish in the country, black laws of dictatorial regimes will perish and
cooperation and coordination among the provinces will increase. The chief
minister paid rich tributes to members of Constitutional reforms committee
particularly Chairman of the committee Senator Raza Rabbani for change in name
of the province and unanimous approval of draft of 18th Amendment. Terming
change in name of the province and 18th Amendment as a major shift toward
provincial autonomy and stability of democracy, he said that all political
parties including PML (N) has demonstrated acumen in this connection and have
proved that if politicians work sincerely keeping national interest intact, then
they can thwart any turbulent confronting the nation.