The Awami National Party’s Provincial Working Committee met on July 11, 2009 to
review political situation in the country and organisational matters. The
meeting was chaired by the Provincial President, Mr. Afrasiab Khattak and
presided by the Central President, Mr. Asfandyar Wali Khan.

The meeting:

1. Political

1- Expressed confidence in the Party’s in dealing with the challenges of
extremism and terrorism and congratulated the Party leadership and the
Provincial Government for their courageous stance against militants and for
exposing the nefarious designs of the militants to the world and get public
support for the ongoing operations. They also, paid rich tributes all especially
party workers who have sacrificed heavily for ensuring lasting peace in
Pakhtunkhwa reaffirming the Party’s commitment to seek strength and guidance
from their sacrifices.

2- Awami National Party calls on all the democratic political forces to close
their ranks for ensuring stability of the democratic system in country.
Democratic unity is particularly significant at a stage when the country is
grappling with challenge of extremism and terrorism on the one hand and taking
on the gigantic task of constitutional reform on the other. These Grand National
objectives can be achieved only by forging unity in the ranks of democratic
forces and by rallying masses support.

3- ANP called on the people to join hands against extremism and militancy
over and above party and political ideologies. However, strongly condemn all
extremist groups and political parties for their over and covert support for
militant and extremist groups.

4- Welcomed the initiatives of constitutional reforms. We are of the view
that provincial autonomy should be address in this process as the major issue as
this was the main cause behind the integration of the Country in 1971. However,
the emphasized that Provincial autonomy must include both political and fiscal
autonomy. Furthermore, they stressed that in national interest the key pillars
of democracy must work within their constitutional confines and

5- PWC meeting expressed the hope that the federal government will resolve
the problem of paying arrears of the royalty on hydel power generation to
Pakhtunkhwa as the province is facing crunch in terms of financial resources.
Pakhtunkhwa should also be supported by the federal government and international
community in building its civilian armed forces to quell insurgency. Similarly
Pakhtunkhwa deserves support and solidarity in its gigantic project of
rehabilitation and reconstruction in the militancy stricken area.

2. Organization.

1- The meeting called on party workers to organize within their ranks to meet
the challenges in the post conflict situation:

2- The meeting urged the need for strengthening role of women party members and
take steps to mainstream them in decision making of all organizational levels.
They called on the Provincial and district leadership to extend all support to
their political activities in line with Bacha Kahn’s vision and party policies:

3. Federally Administered Tribal Areas.

1- Federal Government must establish its writ in the Federally Administered
Tribal Areas and initiate social, political and administrative reforms on
emergency footing to bring the people at par with the rest of the country and
ensure lasting peace.

2- The meeting resolved that FATA should be merged in Pakhtunkhwa and the people
given due representation in the Provincial Assembly. As immediate steps, the
Political Parties Order 2002 should be extended to FATA. A system of local
Government extended to FATA as an alternative to the present system to provide
the people due political representation and say in their own development.

4. Internally Displaced Persons.

1- Expressing satisfaction in the Provincial Government’s handling of the huge
internal displacements from Malakand Division following the collapse of peace
negotiations and start of the decisive round of military operations. The meeting
congratulated the Government for presenting a plan and preparations for the
displaced families phased return and asked them to extend to the families in
repatriation and rehabilitation process.
2- Recognized that the ANP Government is faced with myriad of challenges in its
fight for peace and survival of the country. It is in the frontline of the war
against terrorism and extremism and the country and International Community must
extend its support both technical and financial to the provincial government to
ensure effectiveness of its efforts.

3- The meeting thanked the Federal Government for committing Rs.50 billion for
the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the IDPs however, considering the
assessed need for more technical and financial support for rebuilding and
rehabilitation, urged the Federal Government to directly transfer all foreign
funds and technical assistance received to date of future pledges for the IDPs
to the Provincial Government without any delays.

4- The Government must expedite efforts to restore peace and basic social
services in areas cleared of militants so that the smooth return of the
internally displaced families is made possible at the earliest. The meeting
resolved that special development package be announced for areas severely
affected by conflict including for districts that hosted the internally
displaced families. The package must include adequate compensation for loss of
lives and livelihoods, writing off loans of small business and formers,
provision of special tax breaks for a limited period, and loans and technical
support for starting their business etc.

5- Called on the Federal and Provincial Government to recruit and train local
civilian security force to avoid leaving a vacuum after the military forces
withdraw from the area.